Friday, September 4, 2015

Morning to Evening....Everything In Between Is Hot!

Farm work begins before the sun rises above the horizon.
Right now, it's the coolest time of the day.
Cool and foggy.

We're in the midst of a heat wave...
but one in which the nights are a layer of fog settles over the morning landscape.

With the heat, Ginger and MaryAnn have been sleeping outside
next to their friends, the sheep, on a bed of hay leftover from the sheep's feeder.

As soon as they hear the gator, though, their are up and running for their house,
anticipating breakfast.

The horses and donkeys are still spending their nights out to pasture.

It's quite a luxury for them to spend so many hours grazing.

The pasture has been slow to grow at this time of year,
so the grazing is minimal.
Everyone is maintaining their trim figures...
so we'll continue this routine for the time being.

For some odd reason, Tom and Chuck have not been returning home
each evening, but rather attempting to roost on the fence surrounding
the Nigerian Dwarf goats.

As a result, we have to ask them to hop down from the fence
so that we can lead them back to their house for the night.
Although these birds are rather large, I worry that some predator might
get them during the night if they are not locked up safe and sound.

And so, it's almost dark.
Everyone is tucked in for the night...
except the horses and donkeys...
the fun is just beginning for them.

I'd love to have an infra-red movie camera following them around at night to see what
they do with all of their time.

Well, the weekend that we traditionally think of as the end of summer has arrived.
Labor Day Weekend.
Where did the summer go?  Does anyone know?

I hope your weekend is full of fun and not full of labor!!
We'll compare notes next week, ok?
Happy Labor Day!


  1. Mr. Tomato with the smiling eyes is just too cute! Have a relaxing weekend, Bev.

  2. It was 82 at 8AM..Glad your nights are cooling down..My AC runs all night..So glad I have it..Very cute tomato..Who bit off his nose?? Somebody had to rise to the temptation..Hope you have a happy, fun filled weekend...xxoo

  3. have a wonderful long weekend! i will just enjoy the fact that i don't have workers at every window! we have the heat wave but the temps only go down to the lower 70's at night, i am so over this summer. however, it has been a perfect time to have outside work done so i am not really complaining.

  4. When we had turkeys we had to make sure they were put up for the night cause we have coyotes that run out here. Enjoy the weekend.

  5. Those first few early morning, foggy pink skies were wonderful pictures . . .
    I sure do enjoy your "family!"
    Happy weekend Beverly . . .

  6. Now that's a first: Me smiling back at a... tomato!! :-)
    Romantic fog photos... and I wish I could ask those turkey gents why and how they decided on their new overnight spot...
    Wishing you a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


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