Friday, September 11, 2015

Grammie And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I have been accused of exuding a little too much positivity from time to time.
Today I will completely undo that.
You see, every once in a while a day comes along that tries my soul.
Not just a when the dogs get sprayed by a skunk...but a little more than that.
A lot more!

Sadly, I lack the photos that accompany this story...
as usually happens when crazy, spur-of-the-moment disastrous things occur.
So, I will just add a few photos here and there that correspond with the subjects of the story.

It all began yesterday afternoon.
I had arrived home after working a few hours in Hubbs' office.
Ashley and Mackenzie had stayed at the farm and held down the fort in my absence.
Actually, Mackenzie slept.

I was later than usual for doing the afternoon chores, so I headed out to the barn...
fed the cats...and began to clean up the manure.
As is the usual case, the horses were all out in the dry lot with me as I scooped poop.
Until they weren't.

And at that point they were running wildly past the dry lot fence, and past the garden,
and then through the farmyard...heading toward's Becky's barn.
I must add that Moonbeam was the obvious ring-leader, 
as he is the only one of the herd who can open stall doors.

Me:  "&&^$#*&#$@$"...(every curse word known to man.)

I grabbed halters and a bucket of feed and hopped in the gator...
stopping by the house to let Ashley know that I would be gone longer than expected.

I drove the gator as fast as I could up to Becky's to find my herd loitering outside her barn.
Luckily they ran into her pasture and I could close the gate behind them, trapping them inside. could be worse, right?
At least they were all contained.
So, now began the process of leading them back down to my barn...
first Donnie.
Then back up to Becky's barn to get Moonbeam...who was less than cooperative.
"%^&#^$%&^#" - more expletives...forgive me.

Finally I headed back to Becky's barn to gather up the littles.
On the way, our Sammie decided that chasing one of Becky's barn kitties up a tree would be fun.
"&^#&%$#" - more expletives,"bad dog!"

Just as I got the two Littles haltered and ready to walk back,
I heard blood-curdling screams coming from the direction of our barn.
Ice cold panic flowed through my veins.
Was that Ashley?
Was the baby ok?
The screaming continued.
More panic as I hurried back towards the barn, the Littles in tow.

The screaming stopped.
Fearfully, I kept fast-walking toward the barn.
With the barn in sight, I spied Ashley with Mackenzie in the baby carrier..strapped to her front.
She was inside the garden fence, door locked....
with two gobbling turkeys menacingly patrolling the perimeter of the fence.

"I was taking a walk and saw the turkeys.  They looked at me and started running towards me.
Before I knew it, they were attacking me," she said.  

She had wrapped herself around the baby and kept her back towards the turkeys,
making her way to the garden.

By the end of the day, we retold the story with paroxysms of laughter.
It's funny now...this string of weird farm events....however, it wasn't at the time.
All's well that ends well.
The day is over...thank goodness....
and not to be repeated...ever!

The good news of the week...
the pigs LOVE watermelon!


  1. Oh my! All's well that ends well? Ashley must've been terrified! She's not much bigger than those turkeys and there are two of them.I hope today's a better one.

  2. what's up with the turkeys? bad horses! i guess they feel like they are in farm jail and needed to make a break for it.

  3. OMGoodness, both of you gals must have been panicked! I can't even imagine what you thought was going on! Sorry for your bad day...glad it's over and you are headed into a good weekend..take time to deserve it!

  4. I didn't know turkeys would do that? I am glad that every thing was good and back to normal. Lovely photos.

  5. Whew. Glad everybody is allright after your unbelieveable day. Do your turkeys often attack? I thought they were pretty friendly guys. Were they being watch-turkeys??? Hope the horses don't run off again for a very long time. Bet your heart was thumping away when you heard that screaming. Mine was thumping, just reading about it. Have a good, calm, weekend!

  6. Oh my when I read the about the screams I was worried what was to be next . I think they attacked cause they saw something different and possibly threatening to them or even scary with Ashley having the baby attached to her in the carrier . But still strange for them to go off like that all of a sudden . I am so glad they are ok though , that would give any one a fright having those two big guys coming at you ! It was just one of those days wasn't it? Hope your weekend is better and calmer !

  7. WHEW . . . those turkey's would scare the willies out of me . . .
    Happy all ended WELL . . .

  8. What a day!!! What set off those turkeys? And I thought I have bad days but yours sure top mine, lol...

  9. Laughter here, I understand, completely! I had a goat that used to "escape" constantly, and where one leads the rest will follow. My problem wasn't finding them at the neighboring farm, but gobbling up my flower garden. I must have looked like a crazy woman chasing them back to their pasture with a broomstick and screaming like a banshee. Now, as for turkeys, we had 2 HORRIBLY aggressive turkey boys. You could not walk out into their yard without a long stick to protect yourself, or a hose at the very least, to spray them away. We were very happy when they ran away into the woods to live with the wild turkeys. Hey, see you at the Fair? I will be in booth 105 on Main Street.

  10. Ah well, they gave you your exercise for the day. It could have been a lot worse I guess. Hope your weekend is going smoothly.

  11. What cracked me up (sorry!) was imagining the most gentle Bee Haven Maven saying "every curse word known to man" ;-) Not a fun(ny) day, indeed (but a funny post!); I'm glad, though, that it was one of those horrible days that you can laugh about later. :-)


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