Tuesday, September 22, 2015

And So We Bid Summer Adieu

Today is the last day of summer.
Can you believe it?

All of a sudden Autumn is knocking on our door...
bringing beautiful sunrises...

a little late for my liking (that will change when we turn the clocks back!)

The garden is just about finished for the season.

All that remains are some peppers and the last of the tomatoes.

Morning glory vines now grow in most of the boxes...
volunteer plants from last years' seeds.

Morning glories get more and more lush,
covering the garden fence.
Sadly, they will succumb to the first frost.

My gourd plants have climbed over their trellis,

across the ground and over the asparagus.

Huge gourds hang waiting to be harvested...
each weighing over 10 pounds.

I will dry these over the next few months for a late winter project...
perhaps bird houses.... perhaps something decorative.

There's good news at the barn!

Kenny has a girlfriend.
Young Lucille has taken a liking to our old man
and visits during the daylight hours.
For some strange reason, she has moved into the garden and roosts there at night.

I always feel bad for chickens that I have to separate from the flock.
And since this poor old man was being picked on,
he has found refuge in the barn.
Luckily, Lucille showed up to give him some much needed companionship!

All of the animals are happier with the cooler weather.

Most days, now, the equines can forgo fly masks.

What's that purple spot on your head, Chloe?

Looks like someone has been rubbing against the purple berries growing on the fence.

As I sit in the donkey's yard snapping photos,
Annie rests nearby...

And Sam, too tired to hold his own head up...

leans on the gate.

This fellow has learned to conserve energy whenever possible...
saving it up for those rare occasions when he spies a groundhog and takes off in chase.

And so, today, we say goodbye to another summer
as another autumn takes its place.
I look forward to dry leaves crunching beneath my feet,
fires in the fireplace and longer evenings.
Each and every season has its delights and I am grateful to be able to watch
the seasons change...
To every thing there is a season......


  1. Nice pictures, thoughts, summer goodbye . . .
    Loved the chin rest . . .

  2. A nice farewell to Summer post. Sammy looks so content. I think we all have more energy with the cooler weather Enjoy your day.

  3. I have such a soft spot in my heart for that Sam! Looking forward to your gourd creations.

  4. i feel like we've had 6 months of summer. we are still hot here. i am ready to return to real time too. it is so dark in the mornings that i garden with a flash light.

  5. Beautiful account of your goings on. Thank you for sharing them!

  6. Beautiful account of your goings on. Thank you for sharing them!

  7. I sure feel like Sam today :)

  8. I wish summer would leave California. I am so over it...we are all waiting on pins and needles for El Nino. I love your dogs. Their faces say it all.

  9. Lovely photos . I wish we had fall like weather all winter to . Yup as of 4am Wed morning it will officially be fall ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  10. Yep,,, last day of Summer,,, Gary and I sat out on the patio ,, a tall glass of sweet tea and watching the antics of the birds teasing the cats... I am looking forward to Autumn,,, Like Laura said, we are waiting for the El Nino that had been predicted...
    Enjoy your autumn and your critters...


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