Friday, August 14, 2015

When Everything Is Right With The World....

Perhaps it's because of the stretch of absolutely fabulous days....

where the sun shines brightly, but the air is soft and light and cool...

where billowy white clouds float on a crystal clear sea of blue...
where bees buzz happily from blossom to blossom....

the air filled with the wonderful aroma of basil!

Perhaps it's all of the above...
the beauty and splendor of the season, and me with enough time to really take notice
and enjoy it.

Or maybe it's because of this little pink fairy princess's arrival.
(And today she went home from the hospital with her Mommy and Daddy...
who love her to the moon and back again!)

Whatever it is, I have to tell you...
the world has never looked better.
So full of magic and possibility.
(Maybe the pink fairy princess has put a spell on me!)

I am reaching out and grabbing the best of each day and holding it close to me...
as if tomorrow it might be gone.
And then tomorrow when I awaken to another sun-drenched, blue-skied day...
I will grab ahold and squeeze each precious moment from it.

There is nothing like a new living soul to fill you with promise
and remind you just how precious each and every moment of each and every day is!

There is much in this world that is less than perfect,
but I choose not to see it.
Not today.
Today I choose to savor each and every second...
drinking in the sights and sounds and smells of life...
promising myself that anything is possible.

I know this to be true,
for if it is possible for two people to create something so perfect as this...

then anything is possible!

I must tell you...
that counter full of tomatoes is gone!
Canned and frozen.

By this weekend, however, I will have that many tomatoes back on the counter again!

I also made another batch of hot pepper relish.

This batch should be pretty hot, as the habaƄero peppers were ripe this time.

Next batch will also have ghost peppers in it!
Hotter than hot!!

And just like that another weekend is upon us.
Make it a terrific one...whatever you do!
I'll tell you about mine on Monday... if you tell me about yours, too.


  1. she is gorgeous. you all must be beyond thrilled!

  2. what a refreshing blog. Your pink fairy princess makes me want to stop and smell the roses.
    The bucket of flowers are beautiful the butterfly on top is just picture perfect.
    Glad you got that bunch of tomatoes done....just in time to do more. I don't know which I like most, looking at tomatoes in canning jars or that BIG sniff I take when I open a jar.
    Are those bees on Mackenzie's blanket?....I think she is going to be a big BHA fan!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. She is so precious!!!! TerriC

  4. Grandma, your fairy princess is beautiful! And you are too, so uplifting, great way to start my day.
    From Marcy in Atlanta

  5. I think the sweet fairy princess has definitely cast a spell on you !! But then, you have that "anything is possible" attitude..Lovely post..Wonderful sentiments...Have a nice weekend..Stay cool..xxoo

  6. What a beautiful little girl! I am so happy for you all. Thank you for always brightening my day! Hugs, Meghan in San Antonio

  7. You know how some people say, "Oh, what a pretty baby", but don't really mean it? In this case, you should believe that they are speaking the truth! She really is perfect and beautiful!

  8. Isn't she precious?!! She looks so alert! Enjoying life a little more today simply because you shared this with me. Blessings to all...

  9. the little fairy princess looks like she is already quite aware of what is going on....So, so adorable....

    Annie v.

  10. Lovely photos and post as always . I feel like this every day when I see and hear the nature we are soo blessed to have in our yard and valley and our best buddies with us our Miggs and Harley . Nana is going to make you the star you deserve to be in her blog hehe ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  11. Hot relish looks/sounds delish!
    Love, love that sweet babe . . .

  12. What a wonderful world we live happy for you. She is just adorable, so cute.


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