Monday, August 10, 2015

The Weekend in Reverse....A Mystery First

Quiet weekends at home on the farm are delightful.
And a quiet weekend with comfortable temperatures is even better!

I had an opportunity to take some fun photos this weekend 
and I had thought that was all I would have to share with you.

Until Sunday morning...
and the BIG mystery.

I got up really early on Sunday and headed out to do morning chores at daybreak.
I was out cleaning the dry lots when I heard Becky's gator pull up at our barn.
She came out to where I was working, asking,
"Did you put the Nigerian dwarf goats in with the fainting goats last night?"

"What?" I was dumbfounded.  "No.  Really? How did they get in there?"

I hopped in the gator and followed her back up to the goat yards.
The Nigerian yard was empty except for one guinea and a couple of hens.

As far as I could tell, the outside gates were closed, locked.

Sure enough, the Nigerian goats were in the pasture with the fainting goats.

Weirder than weird!

Was somebody playing a practical joke on us?
Was somebody messing with our animals?
All sorts of things ran through my head...
none of which made any sense or gave me any peace.
I had this weird feeling of somehow being violated.
Not. My. Animals!

Becky and I, along with the dogs and turkeys herded the Nigerians back to their own yard

and locked them up safe and sound.

All was back to normal.

But, the rest of the morning I had an uneasy feeling....
To Be Continued.....

As for the rest of the weekend...
here is some of what I found in front of my camera...

This big fellow was hanging out around the horses' watering troughs.

He made for a rather cooperative subject...

And then I happened to notice that he was carrying a hitchhiker.

"Hey, does anyone know where I put my lunch?"

I am guessing that toads don't eat millipedes...because this little critter crawled all over
Mr. Toad's head.
I would have thought Mr. Toad would have swallowed him down in no time.

Towards the end of summer, the morning glories start to cover most of the garden fence...

and the garden becomes my "secret garden"... hidden behind a wall of flowering vines.
If only it was like this all year long!

A quiet weekend afforded me enough time to finally finish this piece of knitting...

It will be a Christmas present for a friend.

I have been trying to pick patterns that force me to learn something new each time.
And this pattern did just that.
This pattern is available on Ravelry, and it is called Cedar Leaf Shawl.

I also had enough time to begin my next project,
as well as turn about 20 lbs of tomatoes into spaghetti sauce
and Roasted Tomato Basil soup...

(It calls for oven roasting your tomatoes and then adding one can of tomatoes to that.
I did not add the canned tomatoes, however...
but used diced fresh ones in their place.)


  1. did the goats get out? what a beautiful shawl! we were supposed to get rain today but now it looks like it might miss us. we are bone dry here.

  2. I sure hope your mystery has a happy ending. The shawl is absolutely gorgeous, color and pattern!! The tomato soup sounds so scrumptious. I'm going to write the recipe down. Thanks for sharing. Maybe a baby by tomorrow ?!

    1. Any day now, for sure. We had thought perhaps over the weekend...but apparently little Mackenzie is not quite ready for her debut!!!

  3. Beautiful pictures. Love the sky and the hydrangea. Have your neighbors been playing tricks on you again? Love your Knitting project. Beautiful. Glad you had a nice weekend. I actually read a book. When was the last time you heard that? Enjoy your week

  4. How odd about the goats... The shawl is beautiful Bev! I love trying new patterns or learning new knitting tricks. My current knitting project had me do a provisional cast on, something I'd never done before.

    1. Make sure you post a always give me inspiration!!!

  5. "All sorts of things ran through my head... none of which made any sense or gave me any peace. I had this weird feeling of somehow being violated. Not. My. Animals!" I would have felt the same way--what an awful situation. I sure hope that the mystery was promptly solved, and that you have your peace of mind back! A practical joke? I can't imagine--it is way too unfunny for a joke... The story did make for a pretty dramatic cliff hanger, though!!

  6. hi beverly...a real there a reason why the goats cannot be in the same yard?...tom and chuck always seem to be in the midst of all action on the farm...the scarf is lovely...and thank you for the tomato link and your notes...looking forward to learning the remainder of the beehaven acres mystery...take care...sally

  7. I love the giant blue morning glories. I have them climbing the posts up to my second story deck.
    I believe that your goats all (one at a time) jumped onto the barrel by the gate and over to the other side??

  8. Hopefully the mystery is solved with a happy ending. You're pretty remote, I can see why this could give you an uneasy feeling. On a happier note, who is that sweet young dog with Becky? What a cutie pie!

    1. That's Becky's old girl Indy. She always looks like a puppy in the summer when she has her haircut. She is an Aussie Shepherd who is 11, I believe.

  9. That is so strange. Can't wait to read part 2!
    Your soup looks delicious!


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