Monday, August 17, 2015

Sam Meets His New Baby Sister and Other Weekend Tales

Best weekend of the summer.
Bold statement...
and it might not be entirely true, because there have been so many great weekends,
but it sure felt like the best.

(The temperature and humidity are on the rise...
we call these the "cat" days of summer!)

Saturday morning Hubbs and I took a drive across the county to an Amish Relief Auction.

We bid on nothing...although there was much there...we needed nothing.
(I bought and consumed glazed donuts.  The Amish make the best, don't-cha-know?)

We just soaked up the sights and sounds of the day...

looking at the extraordinary quilts, furniture, lawn and garden wares, etc.

Lots of adorable kids...and ponies...

I am going to order a pony cart and tack like this and teach Red (Little) to drive!

After returning home to take care of afternoon chores,
we took (black) Sam down to meet his new baby sister.
He gave her a welcome kiss and then spent the rest of the day trying to ignore her.

Tyler came to meet his new cousin as well.
His name for her is "M&M"... as her initials are MNM.

He was enthralled...

and couldn't believe that he was once the same size!

What fun....two of each!

Our evening was spent in the city, on city Island,
enjoying Hubbs' work picnic and a game at our city's AA baseball team stadium.

Sunday morning, after a scrumptious farm breakfast, we attempted to catch Mr. Peacock.

Our elderly neighbor has decided that she would rather he not spend his days pooping on her front porch.

So, instead, we planned on bringing him to the farm... so he could poop here instead!

Mr. Peacock was too wily however and could not be caught.
If he returns, we will try again...
this time with a net.

The rest of the day was quietly spent at home avoiding the heat.
Floating in the pool....
(I know...feet are gross!)

and enjoying a pre-dinner drink on the woodsy back deck.

It's amazing how just a bunch of little moments can make the perfect weekend.
It's always been quite evident to us that it doesn't take a whole lot to entertain us.
A little family time... a little quiet time... in the most perfect venue in the world....

By the way, all of the sunflowers in front of the house came up from seed...
thanks to the birds.
It looks a little wild, but I like it!

As for the rest of the farm...

they spent their weekend in the shade...

with a fan to keep the air moving.

I've changed things up a bit for the horses.
They now spend their nighttimes out in the pasture.
It's much cooler and without the flies that daytime brings.
That way grazing can be done without fly masks.
Daytime is spent sleeping in the sun
and lounging in the shade.
Everyone seems happy with the new arrangement.


  1. the photo of tyler kissing the baby is too cute!

  2. Your grandbabies are just adorable! You must be in heaven right now. I like the sunflower border, too. The birds did a great job. :-)

  3. You certainly did have a wonderful, busy weekend. The grands are just that....grand! We moved our youngest into his dorm this weekend, so now I am trying to adjust to my new "normal." Like in a recent post of yours, lots of possibilities!

  4. Looks like a wonderful weekend . . .
    And what a treat to see the new babe, Sam licks and adorable Tyler too . . .
    A wonderful world it is . . .
    Relaxing at the Home Venue is my kind of BEST . . .

  5. You're right! That sounds absolutely perfect!!


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