Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mystery Solved... And More

Oh, it was so mean of me to make you wait for the conclusion of yesterday's mystery.

And, sadly (actually, happily) the answer to the mystery turned out to be an easy one.
I am happy to report that there was absolutely no fowl play.
Apparently, Hubbs had entered the goat pen on Sunday afternoon to grab a couple logs
from the upper of the three conjoining pens...

and happened to forget to lock this gate.

Now, what I have learned about all of our animals is that they frequently do perimeter checks,
just to see if there are any easy escape hatches.
And when they happen to find a way out, they take it!

But what I also know about goats is that they are herd animals and are very
intimidated by freedom.
They seek to be with their own kind.
And so the Nigerians high-tailed it into the fainting goat pasture.

How do I know that they could get into a four-board-fence enclosed pasture?

Because I have witnessed them escaping from it several times.
Which is the answer to your question as to why we don't keep all of the goats together.

Because another name for Nigerian dwarf goats is Houdini Goats (I made that up....but it's true!)

Mystery solved.
I am relieved, to say the least!

In other news around the neighborhood,
this lovely peacock arrived at our neighbor's house about a week or so ago and has not left.
Our neighbor is in her nineties and does not want a peacock.

Now, the question is this...
do we want a peacock?

Years ago we actually considered having a couple,
but read that they can be really hard on gardens.

The veggie garden is not a problem, because we have gates.
What I worry about are the blueberries.

I am wondering if we keep the peacock around the barn,
might we avoid him finding the blueberry bushes?
(wondering how much he will wander in a day's time)

Hmmmmmmmm..... I will ponder this idea over the next day or two.

Yesterday was hoof trimming and grooming day for all horses and donkeys.
(no small task!)

Aren't we handsome?

Last night's dinner was this recipe from Williams Sonoma, 
made with homegrown ingredients and local chicken.
I am happy to say that even the seasonings were homegrown.

(garlic, saffron, hot pepper flakes)

The dogs and I took a trip to the woods yesterday afternoon to pick blackberries.

On the way home, we raided Becky's peach tree.

Then the fruit was combined

for a blackberry/peach crisp...

Yummmmmmm....with ice cream!


  1. I must say, those blackberries and peaches look scrumptious! And thank you for the recipe! I was wondering what to make with the thighs and legs I have.....and there's the answer!

  2. Our friends live in Palos Verses California where the peacocks roam freely....and they are so destructive. They scratch and peck at all things shiney...damaging cars daily and they fly, so no fence keeps them from your garden and they are loud! So I can't say I would want one. Lisa G. In TN

  3. Happy the mystery is solved . . .
    Lovely Peacock, I wonder where it came from.
    We see them in Ireland which surprises me . . . in the South West mostly . . .
    I noticed because that is my maiden name. If one showed up on my steps I might have to keep him/her.
    Love the abundance of your peaches, blackberries and the crisp with ice cream sounds wonderful!

  4. how much could one peacock eat? LOL Probably a lot!!! He's awfully pretty … how can you say no. You must live in the south … here in the northeast we do not have wandering peacocks, what a pity! Turkeys, yes - peacocks no!

  5. I'm surprised those goats will fit thru that fence...Jack strikes again!!! Peacock!! What would the turkeys think?? He definitely will find the blueberries..Ann and Joe had neighbors with Peacocks..It seems to me that they made it over to visit occasionally..Then there were the ones off of Lisburn Road..They seemed to be all over the place...If you take him, he'll be in a very good place!! Dinner looks amazing..and dessert with ice cream yet...Yum....Looks very special..

  6. Mouth watering photos.

    Annie v.

  7. A few years ago a peacock showed up in our neighborhood. He splits his time between our barn and their house. He roosts in a large tree up there at night, but wanders and visits during the day. We dubbed him Petey, and he's one of the best things that has happened to us. He loves to hang out with our flock and show off his beautiful tail, or just sit on the fence and watch everything that goes on. He's better than a watch dog in the spring as he yells everytime something moves or startles him, even when we had a fox attack. Unfortunately, we weren't listening. Except for occasionally shoeing him off of something, he bothers very little. Love. Him. Hope this helps.

  8. Now that is a good conclusion to the mystery and we can all sleep well again! However, I wouldn't have thought that you could be so "mean"... ;-)
    I learned from another blogger (The Kitchen's Garden) that peacocks will "harvest" your tomatoes (unless you lock the former up). They fly over fences and into trees, and apparently they love to sit on the roof or hood of your cars...

  9. this is just ONE peacock. maybe if you make him a nice nest or box in the barn, a corner he can call his own, with a nice owl of food, he will be less prone to kamikaze your blueberries

  10. Glad the mystery was so easily solved.
    We used to have a neighbor with peacocks and they are the LOUDEST creatures on God's green earth. I'll take a rooster any day.
    That fruit is mouth-watering. With ice cream even better!

    Bet all the equines are lookin' mighty spiffy!


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