Friday, August 7, 2015


I could probably be much more efficient in my work around the farm
if I didn't spend so much time behind the lens of the camera.

But then...
think of how much I would miss!

Photography keeps me focused on the beauty around me,
rather than the task in front of me.

And THAT is precisely why I blog.

In addition to giving me the opportunity to share my world with you,
blogging keeps me focused on what is most important to me...
times shared with family and friends...
my animal friends....
and this most amazing natural world around me!

For a while, there, I allowed myself to be concerned about how many people were reading my blog.
I would check the statistics daily in hopes that readership increased,
and for a while I viewed my worth by the amount of comments I received.

And then one day something changed.
I can't explain it.
I just shifted my focus.
I removed the "hit" counter from my blog.
And I stopped caring about being a "successful" blogger.

I remembered why I started this process in the first place...
to remind myself daily just how remarkable this life is...

to appreciate the beauty around me...

and to be a source of positive energy for anyone who visits.

There have been so many rewards through the years.
I have met so many kind and giving people...
like YOU who have become "friends"...
though I may never have met you in person, I feel as though we are old friends
and look forward to our visits!

I wish that I could meet you all in person...
that I could have a face for every name....
that we could enjoy a cup of tea and some delectable treat as we talk about the good in the world!

If you are ever in my neck of the woods...please stop for a visit,
and we will do just that.

But for now, I will just keep rambling on each day...
sharing the beauty that I happen to find along my way...
and if you stop by to visit...
I hope you leave with a smile!

Ollie finds Tyler's froggy headlamp!
I wish I had a story to tell each day...
but some days are just about the moments....
moments that I capture to remember and to share.

Thanks for taking the time to join me!
I'll make the bring the crumpets!

Have a wonderful weekend.
Ours will be quiet...a weekend at home on the farm.
And maybe, just maybe, a new granddaughter will make her appearance!


  1. Your photography is beautiful and I thank you for sharing with us. I check in with you every morning and start the day with a smile. Thank you

  2. Thank you so much for your sharing. Reading your blog is a moment of happiness for me too. it makes me smile and breathe and think of nature

  3. Good morning. I read your blog for the same exact reason you write it...and I sure do feel the positive energy! Will be wondering this weekend if there will be a baby Mackenzie on monday. 😀

  4. Same for me, I love your blog, your positive spirit, your beautiful pictures, the animals, the kayak trips I feel as though I went on with you, and your trail cam pix. You ARE the good in the world! Keep 'em coming!

  5. i think this is a perfect weekend for a granddaughter to make her appearance! i haven't looked at my stats in years. i think of blogging as keeping an open journal. plus these posts will be around forever. tyler will be able to show them to his kids!

  6. Hi...I got to your blog from a list on 7msn blog, love the life on the farm with the animals perspective. Always amazed by the daily list of work to do on a farm large or small. Wonderful to see people who appreciate it so much. Beautiful photos of Gods creations just starts the day off well. Keep it up. Lisa G in TN

  7. You always start my day off with a smile and an appreciation of things around me. I too have made many friends through blogging that I communicate with daily, sometimes more often. Enjoy this beautiful day and have a happy weekend. Xxooo

  8. I read your blog all the time. It brings me hope and reminds me of the beauty in the world! I especially love how you spoil all your animals! Thank you for taking the time to share your life with all of us!

  9. Checking in with you each day is special for me - thank you for sharing your life on the farm. The turkey head closeup is remarkable! I had never been that close to a domestic turkey (except in November!) We have herds of wild ones here and they are so skittish. What fun to have yours follow you about!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing your photos and your life, I read this every morning before I start my day and it is an inspiration....thanks again for all the good stories....and of course love the pictures...

  11. I'm so happy you blog! You always inspire me to try to make things more beautiful! Have a great weekend!

  12. Your words and the photos of your world are very beautiful. I think that you are wise to give up counting responses and to consider your blog as a chronicle of your days. And thank you for sharing all of this with us, your band of readers.
    I would love to bring the crumpets - :-)
    Another Pennsylvanian, Mary

  13. I enjoy your blog so much, pull it up every morning to give me that peaceful, optimistic feeling in this crazy world we live in. I would come visit you in a heartbeat and bring all the animals treats too!

    Marcy from Atlanta

  14. I always enjoy reading your blog and looking at your world through your lens. I'd love to visit and see it all in person should we ever be in the area! :-)

  15. Bev you are part of my morning routine. I just love reading your posts as I wake up and get ready for my day. I just love the plaid fly mask..I have to try and find one for our Pepsi. The turkeys are just gorgeous and always like to hear stories of there Maybe one day I will be able to drop in for a never know. It would be a real treat to meet you and your farm friends in person. Keep blogging who cares about numbers..What a wonderful group have found you!!

  16. I don't always comments but I look forward to your blog every day and often forward it to my friends. You amaze me at how much you accomplish in a day so I don't know how you could do more!

  17. I look forward to your posts every day! Thank you for sharing your life with us! Meghan

  18. I would not get much done if I lived on your farm. I would be too busy being mesmerized by the beauty of it all. I would probably roll around in the pig pool too! Have a wonderful weekend.

  19. I love visiting and feeling a part of your blog every day--love the farm and would love to live on one--but that
    doesn't seem likely for me--but I do become a 'farmer' every day when I read your blog and a couple others--
    so even if I don't comment often--I am here enjoying a bit of heaven with you each day--

  20. Beverly,
    I so enjoy the calm and uplifting descriptions of your life.

  21. I came across your blog recently and I love to come and visit, I enjoy just seeing the everyday happenings in your farm yard... thank you for sharing... :O)

  22. I just love your Blog Bev!!! Love your your your your comments your weddings.... love your grandkids's all so enjoyable. I don't always comment...but I want you to know that I love reading your blog every day and wouldn't miss it! It always gives me a lift! Thanks so much!

  23. Christine The "Victorian Girl"August 7, 2015 at 11:05 PM

    I read several blogs each day and yours is by far my favorite. I admire all your hard work, your creativity, your love for the land your family and all your farm animals, I could go on and on..... Even though I know you have a full plate please continue your blog that I and so many others look forward to each day. Because of you so many people have a few moments of pure pleasure in their lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you and God bless.

  24. Love your perspective. You do indeed leave me smiling each and every time you write and share your amazing photos. So glad we "met". Thank you for taking us along...
    Blessings to your new grandbaby.

  25. Bev, I too, am a daily reader who doesn't often comment. I know that Hubbs may be retiring soon, so I hope that you'll still continue to blog every now and then, if not daily. I'm so thankful that I was able to meet you in person last Fall, see your farm in all its glory and meet those wonderful furry family members of yours. I hope to be able to visit again. Thank you for bringing your farm to life for us readers through your gorgeous photos. Fingers crossed that your granddaughter makes her appearance soon!

  26. I start my morning with your blog everyday! I don't comment everyday although I want to--everything you write and share is inspiring, uplifting and fun! Thank you for sharing your home and life!

  27. Always such wonderful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing your life with us.

  28. Beautiful photographs! I'm a bit jealous as I could never have such a colorful garden here. Too hot in the summer and little rain.
    Thanks for sharing your farm with all of us. :)

  29. Beautiful truth worthy post Beverly . . .
    A wonderful place to be when the realization arrives of why we blog, take pictures, write ur thoughts and feelings . . . why we create . . .
    I loved this . . . and would love to one day drive into your yard, introduce myself to you, whom I feel I already know! What a wonderful world .. . .

  30. Your blog is one of my favorites...I try to stop by everyday to get my farm update....I am 49, but I really want to be just like you when I grow up! :)

  31. Love Ollie/Tylers's froggy headlamp!

  32. What the other commenters have said! I adore the incredible beauty of your Bee Haven Acres, of your photography and your words, and the all-encompassing harmony. I consider every single one of your posts a gift, and I always tell you so--albeit mostly in my thoughts... Which really isn't fair, so I'll try to speak up more, even though, wisely, you no longer define your worth according to the number of comments. (If one had to do with the other, you'd have to read a bazillion comments every day and would have no time left to post!!) At all events, thank you for your motivation, and thank you for sharing!
    P.S. Those three morning glory blooms (with the teeny-tiny "lights" for hearts) are glorious!

  33. I was touring PA last week for my anniversary and came very close to your farm area! I would have loved to stop in but I didn't read this until I was back, lol. We did go to Cherry Springs State Park to see the stars. If anyone has the chance to go and do this....DO IT! I haven't seen that many stars in 25 years and it was glorious! TerriC

  34. An American in TokyoAugust 13, 2015 at 8:16 PM

    Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration!! I always look forward to catching up with what's going on at your farm through your blog!! =)

    I had friends in town this past week or two and missed about a week of your blog. So many new things happened while I was gone! Congratulations on your new family member and for solving the goat riddle! Looking forward to hearing about more adventures!

    I hope I do get a chance to visit your farm someday!


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