Thursday, August 13, 2015

And Now a Word From Our Sponsor, The Tomato!

Spectacular, cool summer weather continues and I am happy as a pig in a pool!

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day with a couple of passing rain showers...
short, rainbow-producing showers...

Don't you just love rain when it is sunny?

That kind of rain makes me want to jump in puddles!

It's been a wonderful summer for the animals...

not a bad summer for those in wool coats!

The pigs seem to be enjoying having the sheep next door, and spend a bit of time
watching them through the fence...

The sheep reciprocate...

(Actually, in these photos, they are keeping their eyes on me...
because you never know when a treat might appear!)

Pigs love when anyone, human or animal comes to visit.
They are quite social and intelligent, so having other species around serves to stimulate them.

You may wonder why I have separated the sheep and pigs.
It's because the sheep have a protein block that offers their supplements and protein
and is available to them in one of their houses 24/7.
(protein in the gut also aids in the fight against the block is important)
The pigs, being pigs, would of course consume it in one they are separated.

MaryAnn's favorite napping spot is on top of the hay that has gotten pushed under the fence
from the sheep's hay feeder.

Talk about a toothy grin!

Well, I continue to be up to my ears in tomatoes.
Yesterday I set out to freeze a bunch.
For this batch, I decided to roast them in the oven first, 

then vacuum pack and freeze them in packages about the size of a tin can.
I will probably make my goal of not having to buy tomatoes for this next year.

On the subject of heirlooms... I received a question yesterday about this particular type of tomato and how to get the top to ripen.
This heirloom type.... a "black" variety is ripe when it looks like this.
Although the top is green, the inside meat is a rosy red, juicy and delicious.

One of the things about heirloom tomatoes is that they often do not present themselves
in a uniform size or color.

They are often striped, or splotchy, or even green and still ripe and juicy.
The tomatoes that are sold in the store were engineered to be of uniform size and color...
and also developed to travel well and keep for a long time...
resulting in beautiful tasteless tomatoes.

Heirlooms do not keep well, but must be consumed or processed as soon as picked.
But the flavor is unsurpassed!
Tomatoes...the way they were meant to be!

It's soon time to harvest kiwi berries...

but not yet, they are still hard and sour.

Today I will be harvesting hot peppers and making more hot pepper relish.

Then I will be heading down to see new baby Mackenzie and cooking dinner for her Mommy and Daddy, who are all coming home from the hospital today.

I think she might already have her Daddy wrapped around her tiny little pink finger!
I spent a little time holding our little fairy princess yesterday,
and now my heart has melted into a puddle.
She is such a peaceful baby...
a perfect little pink fairy!


  1. you are like the luckiest person ever. i would love to have a little fairy princess! i am finally getting tomatoes but it looks like most of mine will all ripen at the same time. we still have had no rain. not a drop. dryer than dry here.

  2. Good morning! That first photo of Mary Ann is great! She is the definition of peace and contentment in that photo! : ) Lisa

  3. I envy you being in the "rain belt". Going to get hot again. I guess we can't say goodbye to summer yet. Enjoy your visit with "Kenzie " And her happy mom and dad. Give them my love. Enjoy your day. xxoo

  4. Loved your photos today.....from the rainbow, to the berry, to the little pink fairy!

  5. Congratulations . . . on your new grand baby girl!

  6. Your summer sounds wonderful. It's been so hot and wet here that my tomato plants have just melted. I'm working extra shifts and it's just too hot out there. Cool weather sounds nice about now. 😃

  7. I envy you having that gorgeous fairy so close!!!

    Would you consider sending me some seeds from your kiwi berries? I cannot find the plants in my area and was looked at like I was a fool when asked about them!!

  8. I have heirloom beefsteak tomatoes and they are very pretty looking and taste good to boot. They do take awhile to ripen but I have learned in seasons past if some are still green on the plant come fall to pick em and put em in a paper bag for several days and they will ripen up. No real splotchiness though.

  9. Sweet baby and your photos are all charming.


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