Tuesday, July 14, 2015

This Is What Fills My Days....

We're right in the midst of mid-summer,
when the days are quiet and still.

Warmer temperatures reduce the activity level of the animals.

Running and reveling are rare...
replaced by quiet grazing...

and napping in the shade.

Yesterday's peace was broken only by the rapid chirping of a cicada...
the first of the summer.
Nights are even quieter...no crickets or katydids to liven up the dark.

We've been lucky, really.
Temperatures reach the low 80's and hover.
Gentle breezes are common.
Nighttime sees the 60's... quite comfortable for sleeping.
There's been no need for air-conditioning with the exception of maybe 3 days this entire summer.

I am happy to say that we have enjoyed 4 straight days in a row without rain.
I am hopeful that local hay is being made this week.

I spent a few hours yesterday in the blueberry patch.
We're in the midst of a blueberry explosion!

My yield of almost 10 pints will become jam today.

While in the blueberry orchard I took a moment to inspect fruit trees.

There are plums on the plum trees for the first time.

And the pear trees have fruit as well.

We are in the midst of garden harvest time.
The freshly harvested garlic is in the barn drying.

Fresh flowers decorate the inside of the house.

Each day I bring in cukes and zukes, beans, squash, tomatoes, 
and other assorted veggies and herbs.
Dinners are almost entirely made up of harvested veggies with local meat.
I love this time of year.
Trips to the grocery store are few and far between.

Most days are spent entirely on the farm....
filled with chores and animal visits.

This year's chicks have been moved to the largest henhouse.
They are now enjoying the freedom of free-ranging each day,
while having the protection of the henhouse to sleep each night.

These gals are still not quite with the program yet, however.
Every night we have to round up about 6 of them and show them the way to the henhouse.
With a little patience and perseverance, they'll eventually learn.


  1. i've had my a/c on nonstop since april. i can rarely open windows here because of city dust. it is pouring here right now. hopefully this will go south of you.

  2. Your stump flowers look lovely, as do all the rest of your bounty! Perhaps you could share some favorite recipes using all that fresh produce?

  3. Your farm is so beautiful. I love looking at it everyday. As a person who will hopefully have a large vegetable garden and chickens in the near future, I wonder how you preserve your bounty for the winter months, both fruit and vegetable. I know jam will be plentiful, but the pears? Do you freeze a lot of your veggies and maybe can your tomatoes? Are you able to feed yourselves mostly on your own garden bounty for the year? Or is that a goal of yours? I hope to do that, if possible.

  4. Lovely post and photos ! Oh my we love blueberries here great looking and sounding crop of everything there ! It has been humid here for a few days now and we just had a rainy day today which make's it even more humid AC is pumping out the cool air . The Cicadas are buzzing non stop here with all the humidity and the crickets are just starting to make their presents . Your farm always looks and sounds so wonderful . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  5. Oh how I envy you and your garden,,, this year has been awful for me with the drought and grasshoppers, not to mention visiting deer etc....
    Our 29y/o plum tree was loaded with blossoms as was our grapevines... then we got an unexpected late frost that devastated them... we ended up with 3, yes, 3 plums and yes the birds got to them!!! as for the grapes,,, I had to od them w/fertilizer and extra water in hopes of saving what grapes we have... oh well, maybe next year will be better... if not,,, I am towing my trailer you your homestead and parking it next to the covered deck! lol! hugz >^..^<


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