Monday, July 27, 2015

The Pause That Refreshes

Sometimes it just takes a little time away...
sleeping in, eating out, whiling away a few hours in museums,
and filling oneself with the sights and sounds of the city
to recharge one's battery and make home seem all the more wonderful!

We spent the end of last week and weekend in my most favorite city....


I love the windy city, with its magnificent skyline,

its amazing architecture, both old and new,
its incredibly friendly people,
its parks, and museums, Chicago style pizza...
and oh, so much more!

Seriously though, it took about a day for me to miss everything about the farm.
You cannot hear birds or crickets or katydids sing in the city...
or hear the rush of wind through the trees (unless you are in a park),
or see the trillions of stars that fill the night sky,
or ever, ever experience total silence.
There is no aroma of freshly mown hay, or cow manure, or honeysuckle.
There are no buzzing bees, or hopping grasshoppers to be seen.

We did, however, manage to find a farm in the midst of Lincoln park!

Cities have their own beauty...but it's all a is mostly man-made beauty.
I am so used to a different type of beauty... the natural type...
so much so, that even in a city I find myself gravitating towards the wide open spaces...
the areas with grass and trees and flowers!

We did have a blast, however...and I did get some much needed rest
 (of sorts....though we walked miles each day!)

I even found a little time to visit a yarn shop 
and to do a little knitting.
Here's what's presently on the needles...

(It's a little leaf-trimmed wool/silk/linen shawl that will be a Christmas present.)

But I am so glad to be home amongst my friends...
able to awaken to bird-song and to fall asleep to cricket chirps!

This week is going to be an exciting week here at the farm.
Tyler is going to spend the week with Grammie and her friends.
We are going to have many adventures.

Check back in with us....and we will take you along on our adventures!

By the way...I forgot to tell you what Tyler said to me on his last visit.
He said that he thought that Muppy and Grammie were old.
When I asked him why he thought that...
he replied "Because your faces are old."
Well, I guess that's that.
I had never really considered that fact before. just might be true!
(Out of the mouths of babes.....)


  1. glad you had a good trip. i couldn't live in the city without my oasis. when i walk out in my back garden i can't even hear any city noise. the birds drown it all out. what a fun week you are in for!

  2. You are only as old as you feel! Teach him that you are young at heart! So happy you are back!

  3. Sure missed you last week. You sure deserve a little R & R, though. Beautiful pictures but I can relate much more to the farm ones 😀. I was wondering when I started reading if you took knitting with the shawl! Tyler reminds me of my grandson who told me...."Nan, you need a little dye" ....I'm not sure if he was letting me know he noticed or maybe letting me know in case I hadn't noticed. Will be waiting to see how yours and Tyler's week unfolds.

  4. Give me a visit to the city/Chicago every once in awhile but I am a wide open spaces with green, trees, sounds of the birds, screened in porch kind of gal.
    Like you . . .
    Enjoy the Tyler, "out of the mouths of babes" kind of days!

  5. Glad you had a good time..a little change is good for the soul...Enjoy your week with Ty.He's a picnic :)


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