Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mystery Solved

Our neighbors, Jim and Kathy,
(and our faithful farm help as well)
were telling me the other day that they had been having a mysterious nighttime visitor.

On their side porch, where their two kitties live, they have a plastic container of cat food,
that has been repeatedly broken into.


I suggested they borrow the trail camera to see who their unwanted guest is.


The mystery was solved within 24 hours!

Thank goodness it was a raccoon and not a bear!
Although I have to admit I was a little disappointed.

I've received a lot of questions about how we use the produce that we grow.
We'll talk about that subject tomorrow.

I had a question last week that I have been meaning to answer.
Last week when I was in the front pasture picking up manure, a few of you noticed that the horses did not have fly masks on, but the donkeys did.

On that particular day, we started the day with showers.
I leave the horses' fly masks off when it rains.
The bugs don't bother them when it rains, and also I don't like for them to have to wear a soggy
fly mask all day....

The sun came out in the afternoon, so the fly masks went back on as soon as the horses
left the field (right after I was done scooping poop.)

The donkeys?

Well, donkeys have enough sense not to stand out in the rain.
No, they prefer to wait out the storm under shelter. masks went on them in the morning, knowing that they would not end up soggy.

And then there is Scarlet...who is another story all together.

This little Houdini will not keep a fly mask on to save her soul.
She rolls and rolls until she gets it off...and there it lays in the pasture for the rest of the day.
I've given up....tired of chasing down fly masks.
Everyone else has the good sense to leave their masks on.
But not Scarlet!


  1. My donkeys spend all day trying to get one anothers masks off and do it quite well. No more money down the drain for me.
    Raccoons! Masters at getting into things! We had to lock the fridge on our boat dock (several boats on a very large dock/many slips). The raccoons figured out how to pry it open!

  2. Dang raccoons! The bugs have been horrible this year with all the rain we've had. Such lucky horses to have the fly masks to help them out.


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