Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Music To My Ears

I love music...
music of all types.
I've always felt that my life had a soundtrack.
Different songs take me back to different times in my life.

Perhaps the sweetest song, though, is the sounds of the farm at any given moment.

Be it rain showers, crickets chirping, katydids singing, birdsongs,
gobbling turkeys, braying donkeys, or snorting pigs....
those sounds tell me I'm home...
the happiest place in my world.

Yesterday as I moved about the front pasture,
cleaning up manure,
I heard some songs that I wanted to share with you....

The sheep are as socialized as I had hoped they would be.
Whenever they see me, they come running...
and bleating.
If only I knew what they were saying!

You might (or might not) remember that we have another "Grace" on the farm.
Grace, the fainting goat....

I noticed something curious about this Grace the other day.
Check out the long hair on her back legs!

Now I heard that armpit hair and leg hair is back in style (apparently)...
but this definitely takes the cake!

Can you believe it?
It's the 1st of July, already!
It looks like I had better find some patriotic party hats for the animals...
I think we'll have an Independence Day celebration!


  1. As always, your video and sounds of the farm got Molly's attention! Please don't tell me that armpit hair is back in style. Yes,music of the farm got Molly's attention! Please don't tell me that armpit hair is back in style. Yes,certain songs do evoke memories of certain times. Cute post.

  2. Love the hairy back legs. I, like you, have always felt my life was infused with music and has its own soundtrack. When I wrote my book I put several songs in there that just were such a big part of my life at the time.
    Hope you have a wonderful fourth of July! xo Diana

  3. It's so nice how your newest additions have acclimated themselves to you and their surroundings. Love to hear their voices and the birdsong, also. When I sit on my porch and listen to all the various calls, I wish I knew which bird was making that particular song. Something to learn!

  4. i just love the sheep. what a great addition to your farm. your birds sound like mine. i think my birds multiply by the day. i have SO many. yep, july 1st..unreal. not long now!

  5. Adorable video! Thanks for sharing! :}

  6. An American in TokyoJuly 2, 2015 at 12:44 AM

    Aww, Gracie and the girls are so cute!!
    They sound like they're saying, "Where are you?! I can't see you!!"

    I think I noticed that as soon as you faced the camera towards the birds, some of them stopped singing for a bit. hee hee! My bird is like that, he likes to sing his song when I'm not in the room. Once he can see me, he only chirps to get out of the cage! ha ha!

    What is that low, grumbling type noise that I can hear? Maybe the zoom on the camera?

  7. Loved the video, sound tweets and BAAAA . . .
    I love visiting the Haven . . .
    Happy weekend Beverly . . .

  8. And to my ears! Delightful audio+video. Too cute how your sheepies answer you! And I love Gracie I's leg hair: Our last doggie, dachshund-terrier-?-mix, had the exact same hair, of the exact same coloring and (relative) length, on his thighs, except that the tan turned silver in his age.


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