Monday, June 8, 2015

The Countdown Begins....

The sands of time are slipping through the hourglass at an alarming rate right now.
The sun rises and an hour later, it seems, it sets again.
And yet, daylight lasts a little longer each day.
How can this be?

I have decided that the surest way to make time pass like a speeding bullet
is to plan a wedding.

We are just 12 days away from the "big" day around here.
A year's worth of planning, making, baking, scheduling, reserving, planting and constructing
are nearing the finish line.

We spent an hour on Saturday hanging the chandelier crystals in the gazebo.

On a sunny day, they catch the sunlight and reflect an upside-down world of wonder.

These crystal droplets will help to add a touch of whimsy to the wedding ceremony...

without obstructing the view of the attendees.

We fired up the pizza grill and spent Sunday evening with our caterer...
trying different pizza recipes for the late evening snack during the reception festivities.

Hubbs got the pavilion lights working...
adding a little more sparkle and magic to that area.

"All this activity makes me tired!" says TomTom, who observes high above the frenzied activity.

In all of the activity, though, the thing that keeps us all grounded is
the presence of our beloved friends.

A little time spent in their company can make even the most frenzied soul quiet.

My favorite time of each and every day is walking the lambs back home to the barn.
There's something about these two sweeties that warms my heart.
And who could resist these two chubby butts!

"I don't about all that long as my meals are on time!"  says Moonbeam.


  1. Everything is looking wonderful! I pray that spectacular weather blesses the event. Enjoy!

  2. all of your hard work is about to pay off! everything looks wonderful! just make sure to slow down on the big day so you can enjoy every moment of it!

  3. Looking READY . . . Enjoy these final days of preparation!

  4. Well, I must say.....your place looks fit!!

  5. The crystals are lovely..The place looks decorator perfect..You've done an amazing job..Love the little lamby butts..

  6. Yes, meals on time is all critters require to be content. What a fabulous bash this wedding will be! Your farm is such a great place to hold such an event, good luck with all the prep!

  7. An American in TokyoJune 9, 2015 at 2:12 AM

    Oh boy! What a busy and exciting time for you and your family!
    I can't wait to see how everything turns out on the special day!
    The farm looks lovely, by the way! =D


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