Friday, June 5, 2015


Beneath a sky hung with heavy curtains of clouds,
in a moist and dewy sea of green,
we boarded the Jolly Roger and set sail to lands imagined.

We charted a course toward treasure...
a treasure unlike any you'd imagine,
and fought our way through seas of whales, and sharks, and aquatic T. Rex's.

Our ship was boarded by hostile pirates
(we, of course, were good pirates!)
We made port on an island of "zombie dogs" (Annie, Oakley and Sam)
and quickly sailed off again.

It was indeed a day of adventure,
with lunch eaten on the deck of our schooner.
And of course we ate the "fish" we caught!

We ran through the woods in search of dragons
who hide behind trees (dragon trees),
and only magical swords found in the woods could protect us!

We spent time with all of our friends....

who help to reinforce the lesson of kindness toward all living creatures.

We picked our supper from the garden.

and sugar peas.

Normally a very picky eater who turns his nose up at most vegetables,
Tyler surprised me and scarfed down raw sugar peas as quickly as we could pick them.
There is something so enticing to children,
to be able to see something growing, pick it, and eat it...
an "ah-hah" moment when they realize from where food comes.

We took a gator expedition through the woods to the new tent and saw two deer.
Deer were the reason for our trek...
and we are hardly ever disappointed.

It was a month's worth of fun crammed into one day...
a respite greatly needed after all of the months of farm work
and wedding preparation.

 I am hoping it was at least that much in memories for Tyler to carry through his life.
It's days like this that matter most in life.
It's the time spent playing that we will cherish as we look back on our lives.
Work can be done any day...but cannot wait!

Let's face it, no one will remember how much work I could get done in a day.
But someday, a little boy who grows into a man may remember
a Grammie with whom he shared a few adventures!

So today.... spend a little time playing...
take a trip to your own treasure island...
and remember how precious imagination is!

Have a wonderful weekend, friend!


Peter said...

What a lucky kid (I am talking about you). The work will still be there but Tyler will be this age only once.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i really need a grandchild! tyler is getting so big! i am sure he will remember lots of things about his time on the farm!

Lynne said...

For sure . . . he will remember . . .
Wonderful day and a really great post!

Karen L. Bates said...

A day well worth remembering!

Missy George said...

Wonderful post..made me a little sad..I hope some of your goodness rubbed off on him..There is a lot to be learned by spending time with Grammie..They don't forget..Hours worth remembering xxoo

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Bev,
One of my favorite posts.. You are so right, when Tyler grows up, he will remember the special times with you, and this is such a short period of time in which to make memories... Work is always there, but little boys grow up so fast... Bless you for being such a good Grammie.

An American in Tokyo said...

Lovely reminder to cherish each day! Thank you for sharing your pirate adventures with us!

Susannah said...

I'm praying he will remember you and all the fun you have had together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

diane in wis said...

God Bless You Bev. You're a peach! What a lovely post. I'm sure Tyler will forever remember his charming adventures with you!


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