Monday, June 22, 2015

Oh What A Day! (And Night!)

Friday was a flurry of activity as we put the finishing touches on the wedding venue.

Great friends and family were there to help get everything set up.

Finally, months of planning had all come together!

An early morning shower on Saturday could have potentially been the harbinger
of doom for an outdoor wedding event.

But the rain ended...
and the magic began.

It was a storybook wedding for this young couple who have loved each other
faithfully for the past 8 years.

She arrived with her best of friends by horse and wagon...

walked down the aisle with the man who has loved her the longest...

preceded by her best of friends...

to the man who will walk hand in hand into the future with her.

As 200 of the people who mean the absolute most to each of them looked on...

The ceremony was unique...
meaningful beyond compare...

each heartfelt word written and spoken only for them.

(yep, that's our Annie there behind them!)
(Even the dogs participated in their own way!)
They made promises, then illustrated them by ceremonially planting a tree...

a symbol of their love...
to be nurtured forever...
a tree that will grow and mature just as their love does through the coming years.

True to her farm style, she exited the ceremony in her muck boots.

They were surrounded by 200+ people who obviously adore them...
whose world is just a little better because of one or both of them.

Comments were heard...
"Best wedding ever!"

(she had a little bear clawing his way out of the cake,
because her groom has a deep affection for bears..)

They played hard.

They partied hard.

They danced the night away...
she and her groom...

and her dad...

(they started a lovely box step to "The House on Pooh Corner"...
and sent the crowd into cheers of delight as they broke out into a pre-practiced
routine to "Footloose".
The Groom and his Mom shared a dance to "You've Got a Friend in Me".
There wasn't a person without a smile on their face! 

The several inches of rain that Tropical Storm Bill dumped on us
 only served to end the night on a perfect note.
The dance floor became a "Slip and Slide."
(at some point in the future, I might just share a hysterical video of that!)

There were some that tired early...

but most stayed the whole day.

It's hard to encapsulate an entire day of magic....
I hope the pictures helped.
Tomorrow I will share with you a Facebook link of the photographer's favorite photos.
For now, though, check this one out...

Eventually we will have a wedding video to share.

Many braved the elements and either camped in our house or the horse arena
and stayed to help clean up on Sunday...
maybe it was the breakfast of sticky buns, fresh farm eggs, and fresh country sausage
that enticed them.

The Bride and Groom returned for breakfast Sunday morning
and spent a little time packing up, then headed off to their new home and
a honeymoon in Iceland.

Tears were shed...goodbyes were said....
as they left to begin their new life together.

It was nothing short of a fairy tale wedding...
and a perfect weekend.

We have so many thank-you's to extend.
Those who stayed (or came) to help clean up are appreciated more than you know!

Many thanks to Hubb's best friend, Spence, for piloting the video drone...

To our friends Lee and Jill who organized the crowd and kept the show running on time all day long.
To our friends Jim and Kathy, for helping stay on top of animal chores during this crazy weekend.
To my dear friends Laurie and Maureen for spending hours helping me finish the decorating.
To my Hubbs for appreciating every tiny detail... adding his own to help make this
an unforgettable event!
To the musicians Susie and Trey and their bands,
and the DJ who brought beautiful music to a beautiful venue.
To John, for writing such a thoughtful and meaningful service and for
writing and performing a song to the tree planting.
To Harmony and her Philter Photography for capturing the day in everlasting memories.
To J.P. Edwards Catering for providing wonderful food and drink.
To Jacqueline Malocu and her Beautiful Dream Team for the girls' beautiful hair and makeup.
To Espresso Yourself Cafe, Newport for providing delicious whoopee pies.
To Bellas Bliss Bakery of Selinsgrove for delectable cupcakes and wedding cake.
To Valley Ag and Turf for furnishing us with electric gators for the caterers to use.
And for the surprise super gator with extra passenger room to shuttle guests from the parking area!
You have no idea how wonderful that was!

To all of the friends and family who came to celebrate their love...
THANK YOU!!!  These two are bless with many who love them!

And now it's time to rest!


  1. this is my idea of the perfect wedding! how wonderful. i am so glad the rain held off until the evening. and iceland! i have always wanted to go there! i hope they have a wonderful trip. you do need a long rest now!!!

  2. What a lovely, lovely celebration. Kudos to all, and congrats to the lucky couple - may they share many many happy memories together over the years.

  3. Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos....everything looked perfect! Love her wedding dress (and cute flats!). Many blessings to the new husband and wife.

  4. It was magnificent and you have earned a well deserved it is but a memory but a beautiful one and one I will cherish.

  5. It all came together beautifully and I bet it was the best wedding ever! Love all the details that went into it and wish the happy couple a very happy life together!

  6. Beverly, everything came out perfect!! Best wishes to the bride and groom! After following along with you through the planning process and seeing how beautiful the ending was it literally brought a tear to my eyes.

  7. What a truly dightful and magic day in every way! So glad to have been a part of it.

  8. It looks even more beautiful than I imagined! It's all in the details. Remarkable job.

  9. Thanks for sharing - a camera drone - how clever! And I ADORE the bridesmaid dresses. Perfect.

  10. How gorgeous everything and everyone looks! More brides should wear "muck boots" with their wedding dresses. Wishing the happy couple all the best! And enjoy Iceland -- what a fab honeymoon trip!

  11. what a lovely success story! the tree planting is a wonderful idea...everyone looks so happy and relaxed amid
    beautiful surroundings. Amanda looks like a princess. Wishing them much happiness together.

  12. Patsy from IllinoisJune 22, 2015 at 9:35 AM

    Oh Bev what a wonderful and heart warming day you all must have had. It was beautiful. Love the bridesmaids' dresses. Something they could actually wear again and that is rare. That is my kind of wedding. Casual clothes, good food, country setting, and the best of family and friends. What more could you ask for.

  13. Only one word: AWESOME,!!!!

  14. What a lovely wedding and such a fun reception! So happy that the big day was a success. Congratulations to the bride and groom!!

  15. I seriously have tears in my eyes reading this post and looking at all the pictures. How beautiful it all is and such a perfect start to their lives together! I love the planting of the tree idea! Congratulations to the bride and groom!-Stephanie D.

  16. What a beautiful wedding. I just loved the Bridesmaid perfect for the venue and wedding. I loved the dogs involvement too :)

  17. What a beautiful wedding! Your daughter looked beautiful-I just love her dress! Congratulations to the newlyweds and your family! Thank you for sharing this experience with us, Bev, I too got tears in my eyes!

  18. Best. Wedding. Ever. After mine, of course! LOL! I don't even know the bride and groom but you had me shedding happy tears as she walked with her dad to the gazebo. I love that it was I formal yet so meaningful. I wish the happy couple many years and good times together. Now, you take a well deserved break!

  19. Amanda was beautiful!. Everything looked perfect for one of the most beautiful weddings I've seen. Jack looked a little emotional there walking her down the isle. His little girl is all grown up! Congratulations to the newlyweds! Bridget

  20. I really do have tears of happiness for all of you. Especially you Beverly. You worked so hard to make this a very special wedding. Amazing, all of it. Those bridesmaids dresses were darling. Everyone looked like they truly had a fun time. The decor looked like it was out of a magazine. Congratulations to everyone. The best is yet to come!

  21. So beautifully written..great presentation..

  22. Wow, just an awesome celebration of a new beginning! I love the beautiful setting and the casual atmosphere...such a day of sweet happiness right where you live with all your family and just doesn't get any better than that. All your hard work and those of the many who helped pulled off a wonderful memory.

  23. I couldn't wait to check out your blog today to see if you had updated it yet! Yes!!! What wonderful pictures and commentary on the big day!!! Everything looked so beautiful and fun! So glad it all went off so well and the weather cooperated too, at least at the most important times! Are Amanda and hubby going to be living in Iceland or is that where they're going on their honeymoon? Can't wait to see more pictures!!! Thanks so much!

  24. Thank you for this beautiful post. I've been following all the preparations and it looks as though everything turned out even more perfect than hoped. All your hard work paid off!

  25. That'll be a wedding no one will forget! So glad the rain held out long enough and then blessed them at the end of the day. Hope you get some much deserved rest.

  26. Now THAT was a wedding I would love to attend! So many wonderful memories for everyone. You must be exhausted, but in a nice way. Thank- you so much for sharing.

  27. Oh my gosh! I've been following your blog for quite a while now and just realized I haven't known your name until now! Hi Bev! So happy the wedding was all you hoped for! Connie

  28. Absolutely enchanting! Than you for sharing this beautiful day with us.

  29. What a well deserved rest it is Bev. Everything looked perfect & your Amanda looked stunning in her lovely dress. The birdesmaid dresses were some of the most simple & sweet dresses I have ever seen at a wedding.. They wew simple & sweet as could be.& the girls all looked wonderful wearing them. Just perfect for a country wedding. I cannot image accomplishing what you & your helpers did in giving Amanda & her groom the ultimate wedding day You should add profession event coordinator to your resume given everything your did to make Amanda's wedding such a memorable, fun & meaningful event; You always work hard, but you really outdid yourself with this wedding.Thank you for posting the photos & sharing what was such a special day for your family. It must feel good to know what a huge success the entire wedding was. Amanda & her groom will have many happy memories of their special day to look back on as the year go by. I loved the idea of the tree planting ceremony & the theme of "Watch love grow" could not have been more perfect.

  30. An American in TokyoJune 23, 2015 at 3:55 AM

    CONGRATULATIONS and of course, the very BEST wishes for the couple as they start their new life together! I hope the magical feeling of this special day will stay with you and your family for a long while!


  31. These are the most enchanting, heartwarming wedding pictures ever. I knew beforehand that everything would be perfect, and in perfect harmony with the already incredibly beautiful venue, yet I feel stunned, and touched, to see just how every single detail that you thought up, created, handcrafted... adds more beauty, more warmth, more heart... A fairy tale wedding, indeed. Congratulations! And heartfelt good wishes for the Bride and Groom. And thank you for sharing the magic!

  32. Absolutely perfect!!! And a little rain to boot! LOve the pics and your hard work!!! Relax and enjoy a more peaceful life of reflection and magical moments!

  33. I came by for your latest post and then saw this one. What a wonderful, wonderful, blessed event. What a gorgeous bride and a beautiful ceremony besides. There is always that sigh of relief when all is said and done with no major snafus...but oh---that feeling of "being done" is kind of overwhelming itself. Bless the newlyweds. You did good, Mom, very very good! xo Diana

  34. What a lovely ceremony and I love how it was all set up to AWESOME ! I am glad all had a good day and the weather held for you all ! Fantastic photos ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  35. Dear Beverly,
    Best wedding ever is right! Congratulations to the Bride and Groom... This is like a dream to me. They looks so very happy, and what a time everyone had... The place looks beautiful, you have really pulled this off Bev.
    All the photos are priceless.. Love that cake with the bear crawling out!
    What a magnificent day. Thank you so much for sharing..
    Now I think it is time for you to take a break.


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