Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New Ideas (or... How I Need To Turn Off My Brain)

Days are a bit of a blur right now...
filled with last minute prep, farm chores, summer chores.

And still ideas keep popping up in my head.

yesterday I thought we needed a sign like this...

so I painted one (make that two!)

Then it occurred to me that the poles of the wedding tent would need some sort of decoration,
so I made these...

I had already found two old feed sacks which I stuffed to use for decor....

and then it occurred to me that I had lots of plain burlap sacks in the barn
just waiting for a project.
So, I quickly added our underlying theme for the day...
Watch. Love. Grow.

That theme will be carried through the day...
in decorations as well as activities.

Then, while in town running errands,
I found this little salvaged potting bench.
Too cute!

I am going to use it to display take-home gifts for our guests,
(more on that later)

and then place it in the greenhouse for it's intended use.

With the flurry of activity that each day brings,
I have to say that my very favorite part is still...
walking the sheep back to the barn each evening.

I still plan on keeping the sheep in their permanent home (yard),
but for now it's nice to bring them back to the barn and have a little bonding time.
It's also Ritz cracker time for them, so they look forward to it each evening.
If we make them wait too late, Gracie starts calling for us.
By the way, did you hear the donkeys braying in the video?
I would love to have a close-up video of them braying, 
but they always seem to bray before I arrive at the barn!

Before we say farewell for the day...
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful comments that I receive.
At a time when it takes a lot of energy to keep blogging with all of the other activities of the day....
you keep me going!
I appreciate you more than you know!

Now....go and have a great day!


  1. And we appreciate you! It's amazing you have the energy to blog while you have so much else to do.

    That is such a charming video! Especially right there at the end when the lambies dash into the stall with their mother.

    After the wedding work and excitement and cleanup are all over, I hope you will explain the potting bench to us. I've never seen the like. What is the grate on the bench top for? Thank you.

    1. The grate is above the copper bin that holds potting soil. The grate is removable so that you can get to your potting soil.

  2. hmmm...the video did not show up for me? that bench is seriously cute!

  3. Always a pleasure...I so enjoy your posts !

  4. Getting close! I don't think your brain will turn off until it's all over and then it will just be filled with new projects and ideas. It's hard to turn off a creative mind... Love the potting bench ... Great find . Fun to watch the sheep go night night. Happy Wednesday! Xxxo

  5. Mama sheep is looking a little wide. Could she be pregnant already? Or just fluffy? Are the lambs still nursing?

  6. You are doing an amazing job decorating for the wedding! I cannot wait to see how it all comes together on the big day!!

  7. That would have to be my favorite part of the day also......they are just too stinkin cute! I don't mean to speak for all of us, but I'm sure we all really appreciate how you continue to include us every day in all the goings-on there. I know I look forward to my daily "fix" of BH! Thank YOU!

  8. Good morning Bev,
    I honestly have no idea how you manage all that you do... Your farm is so beautiful, and there are so many special touches that show how much you love where you are... I adore your sheep, thank you for the video.
    All the projects you did in one day... Love the sacks!
    I know how very busy you must be on a daily basis, so I must tell you how much I appreciate you taking time to blog.

  9. So adorable . . .
    Love your plans, ideas, doings!
    It is going to be a wonderful wedding . . .
    Maybe that will be your next career . . . Wedding planner . . .
    How could you ever, ever work one more job into your

  10. The daily return to the barn is so, so sweet, I thinkyou may have to keep that routine! Patty/NS

  11. That's going to be one beautiful wedding! Awesome touches!....

    and I just love those sheep :-)

  12. That's going to be some memorable wedding! So personalized! How wonderful that your family will have the wedding of a lifetime!

  13. Well, now that I have seen mama sheep and the babes get walked back into the barn for the night, I have a permanent smile on my face! That's so sweet. And YES I could hear those sweet donkeys in the background. have done so many wonderful things for your upcoming wedding. Wish I could be there hiding in a corner on the big weekend to see everybody's delight! Your place is awesome!


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