Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Life Is Good!

Socialization of the lambs has been a huge success.

It seems that Faith and Hope both inherited their mother's personality.

Whenever we enter the sheep yard,
all three come running.

It's a toss-up as to who loves belly rubbings better...

the pigs, or Hope.

She leans forward as far as she can, stretching her belly out
for maximum scratching.

What a happy lamb!

Even Faith likes to have her belly rubbed.

It's amazing to me how these girls have changed over the past 5 weeks.

They are completely comfortable with us now, 
and let us touch them and rub them and even snuzzle them.


We have been getting more rain daily and the garden is bursting.
Last night we harvested these broccoli heads.

We've been eating snow peas daily.

And it won't be long before we have cucumbers....

and oh, so much more!

Once this rain moves out and the sun comes back,
we should have lots of strawberries.

We received our first of several deliveries of mulch yesterday.
I spent a good portion of the morning edging the front garden.
Little by little, this farm is getting gussied up for the wedding.
(3 more pans of sticky buns were baked yesterday...finished!)

Look what has happened in our garage.
Up on a top shelf that houses our 4-wheeler helmets,
a couple Carolina wrens have made their nests.
It's a wren duplex!

Every summer a nest is built in this spot...this year, two nests!
The wrens go in and out of the garage during the day,
then stay put in their nests for the night.

Each morning when I raise the garage door to leave for chores,
the wrens fly out of the garage...presumably in search of breakfast.

Now, if we can just keep their young safe from this guy...
Bobby is quite the hunter, so those little birds better not leave the nest until they are
completely certain they can fly!


  1. that little family sure fit right in on your farm. your veggies are huge. the birds are eating my green strawberries! hope you don't need your helmets any time soon!

  2. Everything is coming along nicely!!

  3. They are SOOOO cute, Beverly! I could just rub ALL their tummies! Love the condos on the shelf..and yep---watch out for the bad boy below. xo Diana

  4. I love those nests!...lol...

    Your farm is looking beautiful - we had our first arugula and baby lettuce salad out of our garden the other night

  5. We once had a wren build a nest in a roller blade. They are my favorite bird---so cheeky and bossy.

  6. The nests gave me a chuckle..How perfect..Bobby is just waiting..Mollie assumes the same position when her belly gets rubbed..Seeing Amandas boots reminded me that I need to give you mine...I forgot :)..Things are looking beautiful..We finally are getting some much needed rain..The beneficial kind..slow and steady..We got soaked this morning..Happy Tuesday..

  7. I just love your lambs . . .
    Great addition to the Haven . . .

  8. Oh Bev,
    I just love those two lambs! And dear little Mary Ann, she will not be left out on the belly rubs.
    How funny that the wrens have nested in the helmets! Now that is a new one for me.
    Your garden is really great!

  9. Your garden looks amazing! Everything's so neat-n-tidy. Love that.
    Those lil' lambs are so adorable!
    What a fantastic discovery those nests are! Enjoy!


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