Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hello Summer....What Took You So Long?

Every once in a while, I awaken feeling like I'm in the midst of a dream.
Yesterday was one of those days.

A beautiful blue-skied, humidity-free day greeted me.

It seemed like overnight all of the perennials had made a decision to open up to the world.

Morning glories greeted me from the fence as I took my daily morning stroll 
through the vegetable garden.

The Shasta Daisies raised their faces toward the red yarrow,
and whispered "Summer's here!"

Even Minerva's smile was a little wider as she kept watch over the garden...

as the vegetables spilled over the sides of the boxes.

It's the time of year we await while the ice and snow lie on the ground,
and the world sleeps in its grayish-brown winter pajamas.

By afternoon, the day lilies had awakened....
lifting their faces toward the mid-day sun.

It's mornings like this one that I love the most!
As I lead my little entourage to the sheep yard...
everyone trotting along down the lane
(not pictured, but present, are Annie and Oakley).

Waiting for us on the other side of the fence are Ginger and MaryAnn.
They know that it's Ritz cracker treat time.

Each morning when the sheep arrive in their yard, everyone gets a treat.
And so, in anticipation, every morning the pigs come running.
Smart girls!

Every square inch of earth is teeming with life...
all of the rain we have had lately has jump-started growth.

In the donkeys' stall I hear a tiny "cheep cheep" from above my head.
There, just popping their tiny heads up for the first time
were two newly hatched barn swallows.

It will be fun to watch these two tiny naked babies develop.
Isn't it all just so amazing...this thing called life?
So fragile, and yet, it prevails.

Even on a quiet early morning, the farm is full of activity...
activity that might go un-noticed if one doesn't take the time to observe.

The guineas are on patrol,
making their sweeps through the lawn in search of insects.

Searching for tasty treats is the focus of everyone's attention...

even me, as I fill my pail with gooseberries...

and blueberries...

Yes, it's that time of year when the earth keeps giving and giving.
And for these gifts I am grateful beyond words.
Life is good.
There is a peaceful calm in my "new normal".
I was thinking just yesterday that I need a new "big" project.
And then Hubbs reminded me that harvest season is here.
There's jam to be made and veggies to be processed.
I guess that's "project" enough for me.... for now.


  1. Wow your farm is beautiful! And if you ever have an over abundance, I love blueberries. And jam.

  2. Now this is my kind of morning I love to . Lovely photos . I like to get up early have my tea on the porch in my jammies watch the sun rise and watch and listen to nature waking up, birds chattering and singing the neighbouring farms roosters crowing . sheep and goats baaing , geese honking , and the odd cow in the distance bellowing as well as the dogs in the area telling something off bark bark ... perfect . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. your place is so beautiful. i love the ritz parade! we are in for few cool days now and i am really going to enjoy them! i just picked the first of my blueberries too. my gooseberries are still small.

  4. What a beautiful morning stroll with you. I felt like I was right there taking that walkabout with you. LOVE it all!!! xo Diana

  5. I'm with ya Bev. Yesterday was the perfect day. I couldn't wait to get home from work so I could get over to my community garden. The sky was amazing. I didn't want the day to end. Yesterday was a reflection of Eternity!

  6. My mom and I were talking about that as well, all the activity that can often Ho unnoticed if you pay attention. I get my arming blood from my mama, she was raised on a farm and now lives in town, comes to visit me on my farm whenever she can. We were having a coffee and visiting outside on my deck and it sounded quiet until we really listened. We heard probably 10 or more different kinds of wild birds singing and flitting about doing their daily things. It sure brings a person peace doesn't it?
    Love to see your farm and all the fun in the different cycles the seasons bring. I am so excited for the time I will have fruit like you do!
    Blessings-Stephanie D.
    P.S. just curious if your sheep are weaned off mama yet? I got a couple from a lady who weaned at 6 weeks, I'm thinking, isn't that way too early?

    1. Stephanie....I think that 6 weeks is a bit early. My lambs are all but weaned now. They try...but Mama just walks away. She has not dried up yet, so they must be nursing a little when I don't see them......

    2. Haha, they probably do. So you'll just let her wean naturally? I have a goat I thought was weaned, who is now 4 months, I sold him and the doe was so full. Poor thing!

  7. So poetic..Beautifully written..great pictures..It might be fun to live in your head...Love your procession..

  8. "It's the time of year we await while the ice and snow lie on the ground,
    and the world sleeps in its grayish-brown winter pajamas."?? ? You don't need a new, big project -- you need a vacation! LOL!

    1. Ok.....what's so funny? I can't be the only one who awaits summer's arrival when ice and snow are on the ground.......

  9. I just love seeing all your sweet critters....especially when you're all walking down the road to the sheep yard together. Wish I lived next door Bev. What a great place you have!!! I'd love to buy some of your delicious veggies too!

  10. Beautiful place and all you have created . . .
    Nice post!

  11. So wonderful that you have so much to enjoy. Thanks for sharing it with those of us who have yet to create our dream farm.


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