Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Four Days And Counting

Yesterday was mani/pedi day on the farm.
The farrier got everyone's hooves in shape with a French manicure (kidding).

I clipped bridal paths and brushed manes and tails.

I had considered giving everyone baths,
but knowing that that would just make everyone roll in the mud,
I decided that they might stay nicer if I just brush them instead.

The garden is looking the best it ever has.

(Too bad the cedar boxes are all falling apart!)
However, the plant growth is so magnificent, no one will notice the shabbiness of the boxes.

We have more veggies than we can possibly eat right now.

Come see us and we'll feed you vegetables! (even for breakfast!)

(Believe it or not, we had broccoli with our eggs yesterday morning!)

Remember the herb box I planted?
Look how full it has gotten!

The grape arbor is full and lush.
We built this years ago hoping to use it someday for a wedding.

Saturday it will become the bar.
(I can't wait to show you how I have designed that space.)
Because it is a little dark, I hung these lights to brighten things up in the evening.

How nice to be served a glass of wine from a bar beneath an arbor full of tiny baby grapes...

and tiny kiwi berries.

Have you ever eaten kiwi berries?
They are miniature kiwi's with a green skin.
You pop the entire berry into your mouth (skin and all) and it tastes just like a kiwi!
I planted a male and a female plant 5 years ago.
Finally after all these years, this year the female is bearing fruit.

We are still getting daily thunderstorms.
Watering duties have been curtailed for now.
By Saturday the thunderstorm threat diminishes quite a bit.
Looks like we're in for a great day!


  1. Another day closer and I'm glad you found time to update!! The grape arbor is awesome and no I've never had kiwi berries but I bet they are delish.

  2. Everything looks amazing. The arbor looks so lovely with the lights you have added. Can't wait to see the wedding pictures. A family wedding on your farm....I can't think of anything more special!

  3. All so wonderful . I guess all the rain has helped that's for sure . I know it has here all my gardens are soo happy with all the rain but they are also asking for sunshine now ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  4. All the fruits of your labor are coming to bare... No pun intended. Things are looking great! The weather looks like it could cooperate. How perfect!

  5. Beautiful Gardens . . .
    Everything, (everyone) is looking "wedding perfect!"
    What a grand day it will be . . .

  6. i am SO allergic to kiwis. i wonder if i'm allergic to kiwi berries too? that is going to be the coolest bar ever! it is pouring here now and will continue for most of the day. everything looks so beautiful and lush. of course those horses would have rolled in the dirt if you bathed them. i think that is a horse rule. i hope it clears up by saturday.

  7. I can't wait to see it all in person and journalize the 'fruits' of your labor - of the family, friends and furry ones... the leafy ones, the fruity ones and the wow, we did that ones! xoxo

  8. I can't wait! I'm sure the wedding is going to be one of my summers highlight events. Thanks for all your hard work in preparation Bev.

  9. Kiwi berries is a new to me. Can you share where you got them and a little bit about the plant/bush/tree? I think we're all waiting to see the pictures from the wedding. It's so exciting!

  10. OMGeepers! your garden looks great,, mine is so sad looking by comparison due to the drought :>(
    But I have a banger of a Radish crop! lol!
    As for your Kiwi Berries,, I have never heard of them and am very intrigued.... I Luv Kiwis...
    Hugz and have a wonderful Wedding Celebration, I can hardly wait to see the photos! hugz dear friend, hugz.

  11. I've never heard of kiwi berries, I will have to look into them. My garden isn't doing so well. Too much rain in Missouri. My flowers keep popping off my pumpkin vines. The tomatoes are starting to get root rot, I'm going to have to buy some lime. Love the mani/pedi photos! Too cute!

  12. All of your hard work is paying off. The farm looks absolutely amazing & will be the picture perfect setting for the wedding day. Having the bar under the grape arbor will make for a romantic setting & will be lovely in the evening with the lights you hung. The herb center pieces are perfect despite the overgrowth of the first batch. All the activities you have planned should leave everyone having a great time & create lots of wonderful memories for everyone. It is easy to see how much you love Amanda by all the attention to detail & care you have taken to ensure her wedding day will be a memorable one for everyone lucky enough to experience all the wonderful things you have planned for them. I hope you & Hubbs are able to relax & enjoy yourselves on the big day. We are crossing our fingers & toes that the rain does not make an appearance at the farm this weekend..

  13. I'm getting more excited with every passing day and I'm not even there! How wonderful your grape arbor is! It reminds me of the wonderful grape arbors everywhere I went in Bosnia a few years back. So neat to see your animals getting all spruced up too. And wow...is your garden ever doing great! You have such a mighty green thumb. I wish I lived closer so that I could buy some delish vegies from you! Enjoy this week as it spins down to the big day!


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