Friday, June 12, 2015

Epic Fail (or How My Green Thumb Turned Blue)

Yesterday I experienced Wedding Fail #1.
It was an epic fail.
In fact, I was so embarrassed by this epic fail, that I failed to take photographs.

I'll explain.
About 3 weeks ago I planted 16 tiny herb gardens that were going to be used
as table centerpieces.
I knew that planting them early was risky, but I wanted to get this item crossed off the list.

I started with tiny plants...
basil, parley, dill and Gerbera daisies.
I knew it was risky, but I kept a positive outlook...hoping it would just work out perfectly.

I didn't take a single photo of these herb gardens, 
because I didn't want to be tempted to show you.
I just may have jinxed myself.

As luck would have it, the herbs grew and grew and grew....
taller and taller and taller....
until my little herb gardens became unsightly jungles.

Yesterday I decided to admit defeat and start fresh.
I salvaged the herbs and planted them in the garden....
you can never, ever, ever have too much basil, right?

The Gerbera daisies were transplanted in clay pots (I'll still use them for decorating.)

Then I headed to my favorite greenhouse to find that herbs were on deep discount!
(As luck would have it.)
The highlight of that trip was driving past this...

Upon arriving home, I started planting.
It was a good time to be in the shelter of the greenhouse...

By the time I was done remaking my herb gardens,
they looked like this:


One week's growth will make them even more perfect.

And you can see that I am carrying our theme into these centerpieces.

The latter half of the day was spent finishing the garden project.

Every inch is freshly mulched....and not a weed in sight.
However, with the kind of rain we have been getting, it's only a matter of time.

Well, friends, another Friday is here and that means we are down to the wire.
One week left before the big day.
This next week will be a flurry of activity.
I'll keep you posted on the progress.

I am hoping to slow down just a little this weekend.
How 'bout you slow down a little, too!
Let's make it a wonderful weekend!!


  1. omg...they are perfect! how are you getting all of this rain and i haven't gotten a drop? enjoy this weekend because next weekend will be crazy!

  2. I wouldn't call it an epic fail.....just a slight miscalculation! The new ones do look beautiful, as does your garden. The farm is looking wedding picture perfect!

  3. Wow, did you get rain! We are still dry as a bone, watering everyday, yes Oregon????? The center herb bowls are beautiful. They will be so pretty on the tables. Hugs, June

  4. It all looks amazing! Enjoy the wedding!

  5. It is all coming together nicely and I know it'll be beautiful on the big day! Bee haven acres will be the perfect place for a wedding!

  6. Perfectly Wonderful . . .
    Loved the foal . . .
    Oh my . . . lots of RAIN . . .
    I hope the rain showers rest for thus next week . . ,
    And you have some time to relax and enjoy the upcoming event!

  7. I guess you had to have one failure to prove that you are human and just like the rest of us :) xxoo

  8. OMG, your farm is just magical!

  9. So your little herb gardens ended up just beautiful after all! You are amazing! I just love the pictures of your farm and area. Everything is so your green thumb and how your flowers seem to just take off when you plant them. Can't wait to see all the final prep this coming week and then the big big day! So fun! Thanks for letting us join in the fun and excitement!

  10. You've done a wonderful job. What a beautiful rain. Everything looks fantastic. Enjoy each moment.

  11. Epic fail? Hardly! You have such a green thumb that anything you plant grow prolifically! Now, if the plants had withered and died (as they do w/ my *black* thumb), THAT would be an epic fail! :- )

    The farm looks amazing! Can't wait to see the rest of your hard work for the wedding. Have a wonderful weekend!


  12. What everybody else said (esp. Anonymous/Maggy re. "epic fail"). Your entire Bee Haven Acres is the "incarnation" of your motto, Watch - Love - Grow. I, too, appreciate so much your generosity of sharing it through your blog despite your already lo-o-ong work days. Amazing.
    I just happened upon your video in which you wanted the donkeys to "pick the winner"... With the patience of a saint, braving the flies... and in the end, Ollie resolutely steps in and gets the job done... Awesome video in so many respects; fascinating, funny, and so, so sweet!
    I do hope you are able to slow down (at least "just a little") this weekend!


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