Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mornings....These Days

Most mornings start out this way...
before the heat of the day slows everyone down...

And while Annie and the horses are getting their exercise, 
I finish morning feeding and head to the garden.

The garden is exploding with life right now.
Each morning as I water the vegetables I can see the change from the previous day.

Meals are homegrown now.
Fresh salads with lettuce...


sugar peas...

The broccoli plants are lush and full...
each cradling a juvenile head of broccoli in its foliage.

The corn gets at least an inch taller each day...

The strawberries will be plentiful this year.
Green berries soak up daily sun on their path towards ripeness.

As I watered and weeded, this fellow warbled his morning song from atop
the gazebo.

Such a sweet serenade!

I am about as happy as can be these days.
The garden is my haven, my heaven.
Time spent here rejuvenates me.
That alone is worth all of the work...
and then to top it off:
homegrown produce to nourish us.
The garden feeds us...body and soul!


  1. I loved this morning's video; what joy! Who's Annie's playmate? I noticed that you only had the horses out; do donkeys and dogs not mix?

    And -- that is one serious garden you have! How do you manage to eat all the food you grow? Many thanks for sharing your world with us!


    1. That would be Ollie. The donkeys go out each morning as well....they had just not had their gate opened yet while this video was being filmed.

      As for our garden....we are BIG vegetable eaters. What we don't consume right away gets frozen or canned or shared. Wait until you see our tomato and pepper harvest. I planted 40+ tomato plants and about 50 pepper plants this year. Yikes....the end of the summer will be quite busy in the kitchen!

  2. annie and the little running just made me smile. how cute are they together! can annie even remember not living on the farm? everything looks so lush and wonderful. i too can't get over how fast all of my plantings are growing. nature is so remarkable isn't it?

    1. I know....her previous hardships are long forgotten! Nature is AMAZING!!

  3. It was a hoot watching Annie and the horses. What a way for them to get exercise!! Ground has been too cold for us to start planting anything yet........hopefully the garden will be planted by the weekend :) . What a great shot of the eastern bluebird (?) On the tip top of the gazebo!!

  4. How fun was that video?? Oh my your garden, wonderful! All the fresh veggies has my mouth watering. I planted my garden but my girls(hens) got into it. So better fences and replant was in order. So my garden is a little behind. Geez! Enjoy working in the garden of life! Hugs!! June

  5. Ahhhhhhhhhh, heaven......

  6. Love watching Ollie and Anni ..What fun they are having...Pretty little Bluebird..The garden looks great..So glad you are happy !!! It's a wonderful world you have created..xxoo

  7. An American in TokyoMay 27, 2015 at 10:27 PM

    Oh what a lovely way to start out the day!
    All I hear is bird songs and Annie and the gray and white Little(?) running!
    It seems like they are best running buds...just one look from the gray and white one and they both take off!
    I love it!!

    Ah, you are so lucky to have all that wonderful space to grow such lovely veggies! So envious!
    I am currently enjoying the fresh veggies that I buy at the Farmer's Market. They taste so much better than what is sold in the supermarket! Yum!

  8. An American in TokyoMay 27, 2015 at 10:29 PM

    P.S. - I think I need photos of all your critters so that I can call them by their proper names! Is there anywhere on your website here which lists out all your kids? ;)

  9. such a huge early morning energy expenditure by ollie and annie...the upcoming fruits and vegetables will be quite a harvest...such delicious, nutritious eating...the flower plantings look beautiful...thank you for sharing...sally

  10. I'm curious.... what are those things on all the horses/ponies heads?

    1. Those are fly keep insects out of their eyes and ears.

  11. Loved the video . . . watching "red collar" and "little white pony" was such fun.
    I have all kinds of lettuce in my containers . . . tin garden compared to you! But, I had my first fresh salad the other day! YUM!


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