Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I May Never Finish Planting!

This summer's gardening motto has been...
"if it's empty...plant it!"

As you have witnessed, I have planted everything that isn't nailed down.

You can imagine my delight yesterday when a neighbor dropped off a 
truckload of hollow tree stumps.

It was like Christmas in May!
20 enormous hollow tree stumps for me to plant full of flowers.

And so, yesterday afternoon I got out the tractor and proceeded to roll those stumps,
one by one, into the bucket of my tractor.
Then I carried them around and began depositing them in locations that 
needed a little sprucing up.

The entryway to the picnic pavilion is the perfect location for these rustic planters.
 I filled the majority of each cavity with compost and will top them each off with soil.
Then each will be filled with flowers.
(And I thought I had already made my last trip to our local greenhouse!)

I wanted to share with you my favorite tool for raised garden beds.

This little hand-held hoe is perfect for cultivating between rows of veggies...
pulling little weedlings out by the roots as it softens the soil for better water absorption.

And while we are on the subject of the garden,
recent rain showers coupled with hot sunny days is causing the garden
to grow right in front of my eyes.

There are times when I just sit on the ground in the garden and imagine
the energy filling my body...
bright green energy of growth.

It's invigorating.

I truly think that gardening is the key to a long and happy life!

Aside from the balance and inner calm that gardening provides,
you can't beat the fresh veggies!

I snapped a quick photo of that enormous grape vine that we talked about last week...
amazing, huh?

Last evening I worked in the garden until I could no longer see.
Evenings are cooler and more comfortable for weeding.
While I was there, I picked a bouquet for you!


  1. Oh my. What a score those logs are! I can imagine how beautiful they will look once planted. I love the rustic and floral together.

    Your garden is so lush. Enjoy the energy it gives you!

  2. I fill everything with flowers too. I have a weeder like yours, I think it's called a cobra head weeder. It works GREAT!!! Thanks for the bouquet.

  3. radish envy, i have it bad! i did not plant any this year. those stumps are going to be awesome! where do you get your dirt? my grapevine is covered in grapes which never happens. my place is a jungle right now. i am taking advantage of this cool weather and working in the gardens.

  4. Those stumps are going to be amazing when you have finished with them. Wow! Everything looks so green and lush. Thanks for the bouquet. Have a happy day!xxoo

  5. Martha Stewart has some competition! Your gardens all look fabulous and I love your new little family of lambs. Bev you are a great writer and I truly enjoy reading your blog! Enjoy your day :)

  6. I can't wait to see how you are going to plant those logs. With your green thumb and great eye, they are going to look stunning! Your garden looks awesome and you're such an inspiration to me!

  7. Wow, you are having fun now! The stumps will just be awesome with plants...can't wait to see them. Your garden is growing like crazy...yay!

  8. Everything looks amazing! Beautiful color combination in the first picture!

  9. Your garden looks so lovely, but I am wondering if you have to be careful with ticks?
    I have had to stop gardening because of them and having had Lyme disease was a real trial ...

    Annie v.

  10. OMG. Those hollow logs make me swoon! I cannot wait to see all of those planted. Your place is stunning and what a beautiful place to be married.

  11. I am so envious of how beautiful you make your gardening look...AND you make it look effortless-which is even more I love it, Beverly. You are amazing!! I am so happy that I found you through Missy George-that was much lucky day. xo Diana
    ps. Thanks for always visiting and commenting, too! I appreciate it!

  12. Spring looks wonderful on your farm. Those tree stumps are amazing! What are the purple flowers in the second pic? I have some but don't know what they are.

  13. Oh my gosh! I have stumps in my yard also! Those are going to look so good!

  14. You are indeed a lucky woman to be the recipient of those tree stumps. When Our 200 year old Maple fell, husband cut me a dozen stumps or so to save for the future. I just used them in a shade garden as part of a wall, only a few are hollow. You must share your stump gardens when they are ready.

  15. Those hollowed tree stumps will add a bit of flowering glow for the wedding too???
    Your green energy invigorates me!
    Thanks for the Radish Bouquet . . .


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