Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Day's End

It's the end of a day...
a day filled with sun and wind and green bursting forth in every direction.

There is so much life happening in this world right now,
you can almost hear the earth humming.

Every square inch of ground is abuzz with growth and activity...
biology at its best.

The sun is setting and the earth is ready for slumber...
and so am I.

We've both worked very hard on this day....

the earth doing what it does best
and me trying my best to control my little piece of it.

Day's end is a sweet time.
The chore list is put away for another day,
and I spend what little daylight is left tucking in my four-legged (and some two-legged) children.

The turkeys have made their way down to the barn and so I tuck them into their house for the night.

Grace and the lambs are waiting for me at the gate...
ready to return to the barn for a good night's sleep.

I stop at the fence to give Ginger and MaryAnn a carrot treat...

and Gracie pokes her head into the pig pen.

I break off a little piece of carrot for Grace,
but she sighs and says she'd much rather have a Ritz cracker.

With her girls in tow, we make our way back to the barn for the night.
The twins are increasingly curious, but still make it back to the barn without incident.

The horses are watching for signs that they are next...
eager to have their fly masks removed so that they can enjoy the night's wind
as they quietly munch on their bedtime portion of hay.

Fly season came quickly this year,
so, daytime hours are spent behind the protection of a mask.

Donnie looks just a little like a court jester in his fly mask.

I love day's end as life slows down and a peace settles over the farm for the night.
It's a satisfying feeling to know that all of my beloved critters are tucked in for the night.
They will be eagerly awaiting my return in the morning.
But for now, we will all enjoy a well-deserved rest.
This life is sweet...
lived out through the rhythm of each day.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

gracie has the sweetest face. doesn't it seem like they have always been there?

colleen said...

Good morning. I'm still here every morning and enjoying every second of it. Love the overalls, so glad to see the fairy garden, Gracie and the twins are so well behaved, really liked the dress and that you had on while watering flowers. And the flower and veggie gardens, what a wonderful sight....a video would be GREAT!!

Missy George said...

Lovely, very calming.... Kind of makes me want to go back to bed! Have a gentle day!

Karen L. Bates said...

Beautifully written post. Do you always have to lead Grace with a halter? Love seeing the little ones and those pigs....just too cute.

Junebug said...

That Gracie is sure cute. Let's see Donnie-his mask-PINK?? Don't tell Jim! I've found I can comment from my Kindle with no problems. Still can't from my laptop. I convinced it all changed when I went to Google Chrome. Now figure out how to change back.

Diane C said...

Lovely post and lovely pictures! I so enjoy your farm and your happy contented comments. Enjoy!

Sarah Adams said...

Always love reading your blog! I've been out of touch for several glad to be reading and posting again :)

JustJo said...

I am so enjoying your farm delivered to my email every day. The garden is looking good and the animals always make me smile.

Please please please tell me how you made your herb garden plant markers. They are the cutest I have seen and would love to make some for my veggie (organic) garden.

Susie2 said...

Such a beautiful post.


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