Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Walk On The Wild Side

This week's Walk on the Wild Side is a gold mine of deer, possum, raccoons and turkeys.
I have to admit...
we did cheat a little.

I had corn left over from making "corn hole" game bags for the wedding games,
and we had a bag of dog food that didn't agree with the pups
that we spread in front of the cameras to see who would be attracted.

Hello there!

There are now a few very fat raccoons in our woods...
who probably thought they had died and ended up in Raccoon Heaven!

Here are the highlights of what we caught this past week....


  1. Hi Beverly,

    It looks like all the critters ignored the dog food in favor of the corn.

  2. Bev, your young coyote is probably thrilled with the dogfood. I think I've got one poking around my place. I worry that he'll hassle my mini donkeys just for fun.

  3. Nice deer selfies! So many animals and several different kinds at once...awesome.

  4. I think the extra food on the forest floor brought on some EXTRA action . . .
    Still know bear?

  5. They all look pretty well fed to me!!..You got some good shots..Maybe if you put jelly donuts out, you'll get a bear..

  6. is that a fox? it looks like a small wolf?

  7. It is amazing, isn't it what you can "see" that you would never see otherwise? You have lots of "critters" there. We have a skunk and a fox close by and that's about it for us. lol xo Diana

  8. At least the dog food didn't go to waste!

  9. Oh WOW ! awesome captures , I love the coyote one ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !


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