Friday, April 10, 2015

What's One More Mouth to Feed.......

Alright already.
You guys should all be state your case quite well.
Yesterday I posted that I might take Gracie....the lambie twin's sweet mama...
who is in need of a retirement home.

I don't like to get ahead of myself in the decision making process...
but I can tell you that when I posted that... I had all but made the decision to take her.
My reasoning....what better gift to a retiring ewe than to spend the rest of her days with her last twins.

I just didn't get ahead of myself and state that.

You did, however.
And I applaud you for that.
I knew you were my kind of people all along.
I knew you "get it".

When so many look at us and wonder "why?"...
you totally get it.
And I love you for that!

So................tomorrow we are taking a road trip to meet and visit with Gracie and her girls.
We cannot bring the family home to the farm yet, as I am still awaiting a fence.
Soon, though....soon.
And unless something horrible hits me in the face when I meet Gracie...
we will be including her in our farm family.

I am so excited that the girls will be here before we have our big,
annual pre-school field to the farm.
Children love baby animals, so the addition of the lambs will be a big hit!

As for everyone else on the farm...
things are rather quiet right now.
It's been dreary and cold.
So... I will share this little video from yesterday...
just two minutes of farm life...

Look how well Tom's feathers are growing back!

It's been fascinating watching the daily change.

Check back tomorrow for a Walk on The Wild Side...
maybe a bear?  who knows.....


  1. Thanks for the video it's just what I needed on this cold drizzly morning. Hate to tell you this but I knew in my heart of hearts that Gracie would have a new home. I am so happy for her,her babies, BHA and us that will be keeping a close eye on you see it's a win, win, win all the way around! Do the babies have names yet?

  2. i guess that is a question you never have to ask again! new animals on the farm? hell yes! the more the merrier! i'm so glad to see tom back to his gorgeous self!

  3. I hope we will see pictures of the school children and their farm visit.
    (The teacher in me is clapping her hands . . . Yay for the farm visit!)

  4. I'm sitting here as the sun is rising and thankful for such a beautiful morning. Even though your day was dreary it sure looks peaceful. I'll try and send a little sunshine along in this post! I think we all knew that Gracie was coming to the farm with yesterday post. What excitement, a new family and oh, will the kids enjoy them! Enjoy your day, Hugs!! June

  5. Loved the walk ,so peaceful. and new animals joining you soon, bliss

    Annie v.

  6. Dear Bev,
    Your heart is always in the right place... I am so happy you will be taking mama home also.. .( I know you will)
    I missed the last post, so went back to read... Yes, everyone made a very good case!
    So happy to see ol Tom is getting his feathers back.
    Thank you for visiting my roses... I hope spring visits you soon

  7. I knew it!!! What fun for the kids..Hope it works out..I hope Oakie and Sam came back sans quills..

  8. Lots of contentment! Can't wait to see the babies and mama!


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