Friday, April 17, 2015

Today's Post is Brought to You by The Letter F!

I feel like I am back in the Sesame Street Days of my life!
today's post is definitely brought to you by the letter F!

"F" is for spring flowers...that finally have bloomed...

daffodils in the front pasture...

It's always amazing to me that the daffodils never get trampled by the horses in the front pasture.

Do you suppose that horses share our appreciation for spring's flowers?

"F" is for forsythia...

in bloom around the old log cabin...

"F" is for farrier...who paid us a visit yesterday.
He worked on everyone's hooves while I worked on cleaning up messy winter coats.

By the time we were done, everyone looked fabulous!

"F" is for fence!
The fence company arrived yesterday to build the fence around the orchard.

This area will be home for the new sheep.

The pigs could hardly wait to explore this area...

and off they went to sniff out every corner.

They investigated the houses...

which I finally finished painting yesterday.

Yummy grass grows beneath the old dead apple tree....
this is the tree that I refuse to cut down, as it gifts us with morel mushrooms around its base each spring.

I sure hope the girls aren't like truffle sniffing pigs....sniffing out and eating the morels!!

On the subject of fences...
I put the temporary fence back around the pumpkin patch yesterday as well.

This area is completely ready to plant as soon as the weather is warm enough.

Our last "F" for the day is for FRIDAY!!
Can you believe it?
Another Friday has come around again.

Tomorrow's weather prediction is perfect...sunny and highs in the mid 70's.
The spring chore list continues....

Don't forget to check back tomorrow to see our Walk on the Wild Side....
where I share the week's worth of photos from the trail cameras in the woods.
Who knows....maybe that elusive bear will finally make an appearance!


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful day!!have a happy weekend.

  2. i guess i did not realize the piggies would have new room to roam. this sure is going to be fun! i can't wait for monday!

  3. I always enjoy you and today on Friday you were FUN . . .

  4. Frankly my Friend-Fine Fine post! Feeling Funny For all the Fun I had Finding the Fence & Flowers & Friendly porkers as they Ferreted out the Final home of the Fabulous sheep that will Find a home there! Funky Fun all the way around. Your Fabulous Friend- Diana lol

  5. Happy spring! Everything is looking good at Bee Haven Acres!


  6. I wonder if horses are like deer they do not eat my daffodils . It is the only thing they dont eat, I think they are poisonous.

    Annie v.

  7. The girls looked thrilled to have more room to roam! The real fun comes tho, when they'll have friends to share it with (providing I'm remembering correctly and the lambs and girls are sharing a pasture.....if I'm wrong, they'll still be happy to have "neighbors" through the fence line. ☺)

  8. Fabulous! Fantastic! Fun!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  9. pigs were used to find truffles in the woods


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