Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Happy As A Pig....

There's a whole lot of excitement in the pigpen these days.

Aside from their obvious happiness that Spring has finally arrived...

the girls are beside themselves with excitement over the imminent arrival of the lambs.

Can't you see how MaryAnn smiles from ear to ear?

After months and months of staying housebound, these two now spend their entire days
out of doors... nibbling on their grass and lounging in the cool dirt.

I am amazed at how long their hair grew over the wintertime.  
I would not be surprised to see both of them shed their coats this summer.

I spent a portion of Monday cleaning out their house.

Months of accumulated hay and droppings were removed
and the house was swept clean.
I used the shop vac and vacuumed the walls and ceiling.
(By the I the only person on this earth who vacuums their pig house and hen houses?
It occurred to me when I had finished that task that perhaps I might be viewed as 
slightly crazy.
Ok, maybe more than slightly crazy!

I have to tell you...
I have the Spring housecleaning bug.
Nothing, and no one is safe!

As for the lamb's arrival....
Monday's the day!
How exciting next week is going to be!


  1. You are not the only crazy one...I vacuum the girls coop too...but not yet. It is still cold and windy...soon I hope we will warm up. Glad you are gearing up for the new girls to fun.

  2. You are doing something right because those look like happy campers to me. At least you didn't vacuum them.............of did you? xo Diana

  3. Yep. I vacuum the coops and the shed! Although my pig seems to prefer things a little messy :-)

  4. My chicken coop is getting power washed in the next couple of days. The temps are to be in the seventies so it should dry fast. Then all fresh shavings and they will be happy campers. Actually they really don't like it but do adjust. I call them Messy Bessy!

    Monday will be an exciting day for everyone, including us bloggers! Love, love their names!
    Hugs, June

  5. If I had pigs and/or chickens, I could see myself vacuuming their homes out but I may be slightly OCD too LOL Yay for Monday!! Can't wait! :-D

  6. i am so excited too!!! teddy is also spending as much time outside as she can.

  7. A clean house makes for a happy pig !! Cute post..

  8. Can't wait to see your new lambs! How fun!

  9. Smiling piggies . . . you got 'em!
    We are all excited for Monday!


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