Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Gathering Eggs The Hard Way

Every day during afternoon chores,
I visit this henhouse...

and this...

gathering the eggs that the gals have laid that day.
Then over the fence I go...
into the goat yard, where I must check each and every one of these goat houses for rogue eggs
laid by nonconformist chickens!

There's a likely perpetrator...

but this house is already too crowded.
I doubt there are any eggs under these gals...
at least not any edible eggs!

Ah Hah!

(They always lay them in the back of the house.)

Which means I must crawl on my hands and knees into the house to retrieve said egg.
While in there, I get a goat's-eye view of the world.

And I don't think Missy cares too much for me being inside her house.

She promptly marches around to the back of the house and begins butting it...
her way of saying "Get out of my house!"

You may have noticed that I have been a little obsessed with signage of late.
I don't know why this is...
but I just love signs...old ones, new ones, wooden ones, metal ones.
A favorite sign company of mine is on Etsy.
BainbridgeFarmGoods makes the most adorable farm signs.
I have a few around the farm and just added these two:

If you ever visit our farm, there should be no confusion as to where things are 
and what is what.
Everything is clearly marked with a sign of some sort!!

PS....thanks for all of the warm and wonderful birthday wishes that you all
left for me yesterday.
It was the sweetest day ever!


  1. Oh, how did I miss that? Happy birthday! What a lovely cake!
    I guess Missy doesn't approve of squatters, huh? Love the new signs.

  2. I've been checking in on BHA everyday but haven't commented...shame on me!! The chicken scraps sure looked delish, Tom's five o'clock shadow was a welcoming sight. HaPpY belated BiRtHdAy!! Love the new you miss having longer hair? Signs, signs, signs, I love signs. Love the wedding signs on the ladder and your new BHA sign sure looks nice. I never get tired of collecting eggs or seeing eggs collected by others. We still have piles of snow and another storm predicted for 7 inches!! It will help to take the old snow off and they call these late storms poor man's fertilizer...we should be all set in that dept for a very long time.

  3. Oh-Those signs are so darned cute-I can't stand it! lol
    Happy Belated Birthday- that is a sweet little cake.
    Missy is hysterical. That is as in: Missy is having a Hissy! xo Diana

  4. How did I miss your birthday!?
    Happy Belated b-day. I hope the cake was as wonderful to eat as it is to look at!

  5. Cute signs indeed ! I like signs as well especially farm signs lol ! Lovely photos and post . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. Missy needs some manners..If she kept the hens out too, she wouldn't have this problem..Too funny..Glad you had a Happy Birthday..Cute signs..I hope you get to be out in some of todays sun ..xxoo

  7. i love signs too and these are really cute! and such a cute cake plate!

  8. Happy belated birthday! We use a grabber to reach eggs in hard to reach places. The kind made for handicapped people. Beats crawling, but then you do have to carry it. Ours is kept in the hen house.

  9. Happy, Happy to a great lady!!!! I love that b-day cake. Thanks for letting us help you get the eggs!

  10. Glad you have a special birthday! Yay! Love signs too....the more the merrier.

  11. Live the signs . . .
    And the "goats eye view!"


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