Thursday, April 23, 2015

Following The Leader

You may have wondered... when you saw yesterday's post of the lambs outside...
how I got Gracie and the lambs outside by myself.

Gracie is such a good girl and leads very well...
especially when I am carrying a pack of Ritz crackers!

The babies just follow along behind her

(sometimes a bit rambunctious...but they stay fairly close.)

Then into the fenced in yard they go,
and the fun begins...

and the laughter ensues!

A little later in the evening the guineas come down from the upper pastures...
headed towards the big pine tree by the barn where they will roost for the night.
Here is their reaction at seeing the sheep for the first time...

This is a great illustration of why guineas make good farm security.
They always let you know when something is different!


  1. Those babies give me a permanent smile. We have Impeyan pheasants and like the guineas they sure make us aware of anything that is out of the norm around their house.

  2. Daphne, ginger, Marianne, and Chloe must be jealous. Gracie is a grass hog. Good little lawnmower. Molly went nuts when she heard the guineas. Thanks for sharing playtime.xxxooo

  3. I love how a couple of them came closer to check those babies out..and look how the lambs shied away from all the noise. They are just SOOO cute. You must have a permanent smile now! xo Diana

  4. total cuteness! those guineas sure are noisy!

  5. OMG hilarious! Beautiful babies and Momma. Such fun! Patty/NS

  6. umm, Hellllo! this gracie would follow you too, for a Ritz,,, especially if it had Nutella on it! snork, giggles!!!

  7. Oh my even more cuteness!

    The guineas sound a lot like the green parrots that fly around here. (I refer to them as screeching tires. LOL)

  8. Wow cute....I'm still smiling over those videos! And are guineas ever noisy! So funny to watch the braver ones and then they all run up the hill! Love those new fun to watch them fun!

  9. I love when you post videos. I'm really going to enjoy watching the lambs grow!

  10. Adorable . . . such fun to see them romp!

  11. An American in TokyoMay 11, 2015 at 12:35 AM

    Too cute seeing the little lambies run and hop!

    I didn't realize you had so many guineas! Do they make a mess under the tree where they roost for the night? I can always tell where my bird was sleeping the night before if I look at the bottom of his cage...hee hee!


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