Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cuteness Overload

If it is possible to overdose on cuteness,
then that is exactly what I've done!

I am surrounded by babies!

Yesterday morning at 6:15 I picked up 29 chicks at the Post Office.

A whole box load of fluffy assorted chicklets...
too cute for words!

Everyone made the journey successfully...
arriving seemingly healthy.

A breakfast of Quik-Grow gel, chick starter, and vitamin water helped to get them off to a good start.

They will spend the next several weeks under the brooder lights for warmth.

Later in the morning the van arrived carrying Grace, Faith and Hope.

They were introduced to their new stall (temporary)
where breakfast was awaiting them.



"What hay?"

The species doesn't matter...children are universally the same!

Faith quickly learned that it takes a lot less effort to just lay on top of breakfast.

By the end of the afternoon, everyone was ready for a nap!

The turkeys were quite curious about the new arrivals!
(As were the dogs.)

As was Moonbeam....

"I am so over all of this cuteness!"

"My bags are packed....I'm hittin' the open road."

(Hens hate sharing the limelight!)


  1. Oh.My. Word. Cuteness overload is an understatement!!!! Adorable! Terri C

  2. Cuteness overload for sure. The little lambs look so sweet and I'm sure they'll fit right in at the farm.

  3. Thanks for the laugh! What can I say? Just too adorable! Are they used to the camera yet?

  4. Cuteness overload for sure! Sure is heartwarming to see momma and babies together. Poor hens, how dare you?? 😉

  5. Oh my doodness sakes alive, the chicks are so dadblasted cute the lambs they send me into cuteness overdrive, you are so lucky, something about being around sweet little chicks and those lambs, well I think them totally under rated as animals go..bless you for taking and keeping such wonderful peaceful animals!

  6. awww...i could just play with them all day! when do they move in next to the pigs?

  7. How adorable. Lucky you..enjoy!!! What a perfect addition to your farm family. Looking forward to more pictures as they settle in.

  8. They are sooo absolutely adorable!! What a blessing to be gifted with such beautiful animals..and I can tell you are such a lover of animals...thank you for caring so!

  9. No such thing as cuteness overload to me ! Oh they are all soo pretty and cute and just down right awesome on my I could just cuddle them all . I am sure all will settle in just fine .Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  10. Remind me again of which name goes with which sheep, please.
    Did you get a straight run or order pullets from the hatchery? Chicks are such a delight and so funny.

    1. Gracie is the Mom. Faith is black. Hope is white. The chicks are all female....unless of course they threw in the freebie rooster that always seems to come with an order!!

    2. Thanks!
      Ah yes, the ubiquitous "Cockerel for Warmth" practice from every hatchery I've ever ordered from.

  11. Ahhhhh! The cuteness! Chicks AND new lambs all in one day!

  12. I loved all the cuteness photos--but that last photo of the back end of the chicken and the sign is the bestest!!!

  13. OOoh, those babies. Do you have any experience with sheering? That's something I've never done.

  14. I just wanted to stop at each picture and make a comment.....like....Grace saying....they aren't the only cute ones! Or, who is that trying for the limelight...hanging over the stall? You are just having way too much fun with all your new babies!

  15. yes cute, cute , cute, but when I saw the last photo of the disgruntled chicken with the caption: my bags are packed....I'm hitting the open road I think you should submit this to a card company, well just a thought.

    Annie v.

  16. Bev,
    They are too cute for words!!! I am so happy to see mama with them.. They look so ~at home~ with you on the farm. I love the baby chicks also.

  17. I absolutely love this series of photos! You have made my day! Thank you! :)

  18. Right you are . . . just plain cuteness!


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