Thursday, April 2, 2015

Baa Baa, Black (and White) Sheep

Sometimes it just seems as though things were meant to be.
And the way things are going this week...
I feel that very strongly.

I received an email yesterday announcing that my baby lambs have been born.
Can you believe it?
How perfect is that!
Two little girl twins....
one black and one white...

I am currently awaiting photos of the little girls, 
so I borrowed this one from Pinterest just to give you an idea of what they will look like
They are two Old English Babydoll Southdown lambs.
I should be able to bring them home to the farm in about 8 weeks if all goes well.

what I need from you, friends, are some name ideas.
These twin girls need good names...
appropriate names...
and I need suggestions!

The second half of my birthday kismet is the surprise gift that Hubbs had for me....

a spinning wheel!
I assembled it and started to play around with it yesterday.
Oh what fiber fun I am going to dive into!!

I also wanted to show you what I just harvested from our greenhouse.

Our greenhouse is not heated.
I do use heat mats under seedlings, however, theses greens just grew without heat.
And it's been rather cold these past few weeks.
Greens grow well in chilly temperatures,
and the leaves can withstand cold nights indoors.

I have decided that next winter I will be planting large containers of greens
at intervals so as to keep fresh salads available most of the winter.
There is nothing healthier than fresh greens eaten within an hour of picking!

Today is going to be the best day of the week.
Temperatures in the 60's will make for a perfect gardening day.
I am planning to clean up the asparagus bed and plant my onions and peas and radishes.

Remember.... I need help with names for our little girly lambkins!!


  1. Eos (white) and Selene (black), the godesses of Dawn and Dusk. Although Greek mythology doesn't exactly point to their heritage... Whatever, may they enjoy a long, happy and healthy life wrapped in the harmony and love of Bee Haven Acres! I look forward to their arrival a couple of months from now.
    And (belatedly) Happy Triple Birthday, and many, many happy&healthy more!!!

  2. i can't wait to see them! so many choices for names. there are the obvious like thelma and louise, ebony and ivory.....but these girls are special so maybe: bubble and squeek, franny and zooey, holly and ivy, lucy and ethel or my names of choice: sally and gillian (practical magic)!!!! they are magical girls!

  3. An American in TokyoApril 2, 2015 at 7:05 AM

    Salt and Pepa!!

  4. They are going to be a perfect addition to your brood. Can't wait!! What a great gift from Hubbs.. How thoughtful. It will be interesting to see what you come up with. Glad you're having a good week and the weather is starting to cooperate.xxoo

  5. Cottontail and Mopsy . . .
    Beautiful gift, sweet hubs!
    Enjoy the 60's . . .

  6. Love the fresh greens . . . YUM!

  7. Bevie and Bea! One has to be named after you! Happy Belated Birthday! TerriC

  8. Yin and Yang ... and happy belated birthday to you, Bev.

    Marcia in CO

  9. comment didn't show up? i was thinking that lucy and ethel, laverne and shirley, bubble and sqeek or franny and zooey might be cute. my favorite would be sally and gillian from practical magic!!!

  10. Cookie and Cream .. Oreo and Marshmellow

  11. Patsy from IllinoisApril 2, 2015 at 10:21 AM

    Faith & Hope

  12. Happy birthday to you and the lamb! I have been a planting fool. Yesterday I bought blackberry, raspberry and strawberry plants. I ordered heirloom seeds from Baker's in Mansfield, MO. Love the fresh salad. I have to plant lettuce too.

  13. So so adorable and I see you will be all set with spinning their wool.

    I did not know that you could grow salads in a cold greenhouse(my problem) so will follow your advice for next year.

    Annie v.

  14. Oh how wonderful and exciting ! We used to raised sheep and lambs they are soo cute ! Mum had a spinning wheel and she would spin the wool and before that I would comb the wool with two tools called carding combs. . Your seedling are doing wonderful . um names Lucy & Lucky ., Molly & Holly , Beitris & Betty , Emily & Mable lol just to name a few here lol ! Thanks for sharing, Have a good day !

  15. Ebony and Ivory??

  16. I so want a spinning wheel!! You will have to let us know how the learning curve goes. I can't wait for the little lambs. How about Ebony & Ivory? I can hear Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder singing right now! Enjoy your day, Hugs! June

  17. Cagney and Lacey? One dark-haired and one blond?

  18. Happy Happy Happy belated birthday to you! I was on vacation....staycation planting lots of flowers. These lambs are the sweetest!!! You are going to have so much fun; so many cuddles. I cannot wait until I know the names of your baby girls.

  19. How about Sophie and Sadie?

  20. How awesome that they were born on your BD.....making you day even more special! I always like to chose names when I see their faces. The spinning wheel is awesome, can't wait to see what you create.

    You've had some fun suggestions.

  21. Lucy and Ethel, Pip and Polly, Tina (Fey) and Amy (Pohler), Rosemary and Thyme,
    Gwyn means White in Welsh. Nos(a) means Night in Welsh. I'll keep thinking.

  22. Noire and Blanche (black and white in French), Kismet and Chance, Lovey and Dovey.

    Good luck picking names, whatever you pick, they will be cute as buttons!

    Roxane in Ontario, Canada

  23. Niddy and Noddy (spinning terms). I love your Schacht, excellent wheel. I am so excited for you to have your own fiber animals!

  24. Ray and Mayme. Nothing fancy about those names but they are the names of my grandparents who worked the land. They had 100-acre dry farm and a home on two acres. That two acres housed chickens, milk cows, lambs and assorted cats and dogs. It was a wonderful and magical place for a grandchild - much like Bee Haven Acres must be like for your grandson. Good luck with the names and I look forward to meeting the newest residents!

  25. Opps - two girls!! You could choose Rae and Mayme. My little sister was named Penny Rae after our Grandpa Ray.

  26. Oh Bev!
    They are adorable!! You have so many great suggestions here for names, I don't know if I could top them.
    I will have to put on my thinking cap... And HAPPY belated birthday!
    Wishing you a beautiful Easter...

  27. Moon and Eclipse


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