Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Walk On The Wild Side

This week the trail cameras captured a few newcomers.

A blue heron, creek-walking....

Mr. Fox....

And some unknown animal half into the water (hanging on the branch in the foreground)...

The same critter back the next night....

and the next night...

Deer...of course!


And not a thirsty bear in sight!

 Bob Schortemeyer and Marcia in are IS a muskrat!!!


  1. What a beautiful heron! You've got quite the menagerie this week!

  2. This was a great spot...loved seeing the heron, I get them here in my creek every once in awhile. Thanks.

  3. Very cool! LOVE the heron! Great idea, putting the camera by the water! Looking forward to more!

  4. That "other" critter looks like it is possibly a beaver collecting branches for it's home. Maybe even a muskrat ... but looks more like it might be a beaver!! Marcia in CO

  5. The critter looks like a muskrat, depending on the size it could be a beaver. The sure way to tell is if you can see the tail.

  6. Your critter looks like a muskrat, but depending on the size it could be a beaver. Look for the tail, that will tell for sure.

  7. Muskrat? Beaver? What was Annie doing down there?. Bad girl, interesting assortment of visitors.

  8. Eventually . . . one may appear . . .
    Liked seeing the Heron . . .

  9. Not sure if my comment took . . .
    Eventually bear will appear, love seeing the Heron.

  10. Hi Bev,
    Well I'll be! .. I love this blue heron.. I have to say, when he landed in my neighbors yard I was so happy he had come back I ran outside to say hello.
    Great post..

  11. Is your muskrat a Suzie or a Sam? (Sorry; couldn't resist .. I immediately thought of this song: Click here: Captain and Tennille Muskrat Love - YouTube :- ) I'll probably be humming it all day!

    Love your blog, and I love all of your furry friends! The baby lambs are such a great addition, and are oh! so cute. (So glad that you and your Hubbs kept Grace, too).

    Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!


  12. What a great assortment of wildlife! I keep thinking I should get one of those trail cams to put out in my pasture.


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