Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Wearing of The Green

Happy St. Patty's Day to all of you.
None of us have a lick of Irish in us, but that doesn't stop us from joining in on the fun.
We find any excuse for dressing up.

Sometimes I think it is the highlight of Daphne and Chloe's day...
they never seem to mind playing dress up.
They indulge my every fanciful whim and walk around in their costume without a single complaint.
Unlike the horses, they don't even try to remove their party attire.

I even overheard Daphne whisper into Chloe's ear...
"Where's the green beer?"

They are the ultimate party animals.
So, in honor of our Irish friends....
we raise a glass of green beer and toast your health!


  1. Oh my too cute ! Happy St Patty's day to you and all the family !

  2. Adorable. Cute pictures! Happy St. Patty's day.

  3. They are cute cute cute. Happy day to you


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