Thursday, March 26, 2015


It's what's for dinner!

It's sad but true that our dear chickens eat better than some humans do...
but that's a subject for another day.
We give our chickens kitchen scraps...
peelings, leftovers...
anything that a human can eat... a chicken can eat.

I do, however, avoid citrus as that can weaken their egg shells.

And I give them no onions or garlic as I have heard it reported that this can give the eggs
a strong taste of the same.

Other than that... they get yummy snacks from the kitchen,
almost on a daily basis.

Let me tell you, these gals get quite excited when they see me carrying a pan of scraps...
they come running from all corners of the pastures!


  1. I just love the soft cackle of our chickens...they are just such a treat in my everyday. I know they are for you too. Have a great weekend.

  2. Mollie loved your video. She wanted some of that. Chickens or scraps? Who knows? Have a happy day!

  3. LOL- Actually, that looks dinner We fed a lot of scraps to our pigs but mostly grain and grass to the chickens. xo Diana

  4. We do the same thing! Nothing ever makes it near my compost pile. Between the deer and the chickens, no kitchen scraps ever go to waste.

  5. Happy chickens! I love to listen to them. What about the rooster, he waits until his ladies have left the buffet, it seems. I really enjoy your videos, thanks.

  6. i wish i had some chickensto feed! they sure do get excited!

  7. Hi Bev,
    What a group of HAPPY gals! Loved the video.
    Enjoy your weekend

  8. An American in TokyoMarch 26, 2015 at 11:05 PM

    The chickens sound like they are happily discussing what's on today's menu! So cute!
    I never knew they could eat pretty much everything that we do.
    I wish I could have some chickens of my own but I don't think my apartment building mates would appreciate it! ha ha!

  9. Sometimes that is what I tell my hubs we are having for dinner . . . scraps . . .
    (Once known as "left overs!")

  10. Loved the videos...chickens..!!!


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