Monday, March 16, 2015

Mud-Fest 2015

The snow is almost gone...and in its place mud...lots and lots of mud.

A little (or even a lot) of mud doesn't keep us from digging in to farm chores.
Yesterday we had winter clean-up in the goat pen.
What is usually a big (dirty) job was made easier by the fact that we had
a large group of helpers (of all ages).

We scraped and shoveled and brushed and raked...
emptying each goat house and refilling it with fresh clean bedding.
A long cold winter made this task almost impossible until now.

Our neighbors (who often help us out on the farm) brought their 18 month old, Becca along to help.
Becca is the most pleasant, easy-going little girl that I have ever known.
She is a true farm girl in the making!
Just see....


It wasn't long until that sippy cup was in the mud!

"Mud?.....what mud?"

"Oh, you mean this mud?"

There were shrieks of delight as she followed Fred around the goat pen.

This little one is afraid of nothing!

And a little mud is not about to slow her down!
Even when she lands in it face-first!

There's nothing better than kids who aren't afraid of a little mud.

By the end of the morning, all of the kid-helpers were ready for the showers!

After we were all cleaned up, we spent the rest of the afternoon with Tyler and his Mommy and Daddy.

Sadly, Tyler arrived too late for the mud-fest!


  1. Oh, what fun! She's adorable. Could they be more muddy? Looks like everyone was having fun. Happy Monday.

  2. The perfect way to rear children! Mud is good! They will remember that day forever!

  3. Looks like a happy MUD day!
    We have a ton of melt to have happen before we see MUD!

  4. Yeah for mud! It means the snow is melting, the days are warming and spring is around the corner. Our back yard is a soupy mess of mud, water and....ummmm......Great Dane droppings. Yuck. I'm hoping for some nice warm DRY days so that I can clean up the back yard.

  5. such fun! there will be plenty more mud for tyler too!

  6. What a fun mud fest! That little Becca was the star of the day! All hot pink, girly and muddy! Cute pick of Tyler with dogs and cat following! Have a great day, Hugs, Junebug

  7. Oh what a wonderful post photos and that video was soo cute ! Good to see the kids enjoying the animals and all that wonderful mud . It is the same here all muddy as well our Miggs just loves it lol ! I put on my muck boots or as we call them Wellies and went out and cleaned up all the old seed from under the feeders this morning I didn't get as muddy as the kids there but I was close lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  8. I just want to squeeze this child! How adorable is she? I still cannot believe you all have snow on the ground. I remember the days of goat clean ups after torrential California rains...uggh.

  9. looks like a wonderful time

  10. Doesn't look like the kids consider it a chore!

  11. You are obviously related to Tom Sawyer--getting friends to help with an icky task with smiles on their faces. :)
    Goodness, when did Tyler get so big? Wasn't he a toddler just yesterday?


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