Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring!!!

Yesterday we enjoyed the calm before the storm.
Sunny, mid-40's...delightful.

All of the animals were out lying in the sun.
It was a peaceful day on the farm...
and one that could convince anyone that Spring was knocking on the door.

And then it snowed....but that's another story.
Today we are just going to ride the pre-spring-wave that was yesterday.

It was the first time in months that the pigs were out sunbathing against their fence.
There is still just a tiny bit of snow in their yard.

Goats and chickens were all out grazing...
a much welcomed sight after such a long period of gray.

Yesterday, the fence man came to measure the area that I am having enclosed
for the sheep.
They will inhabit this area to the left of this fence post 
(which is the front corner of the pig's yard).

The sheep will have the privilege of grazing the apple orchard...
their little sheep droppings acting as a natural fertilizer for the trees.

And once they are all accustomed to each other's presence,
the gate will be opened between sheep and pigs...
allowing the pigs a large grazing area and more companionship.
What fun this adventure is going to be!!

The lambs are Babydoll Southdown sheep.

photo courtesy of

They are a small, docile breed of sheep whose wide face makes them look as though
they are always smiling.
Our lambs are coming from the same farm where Chloe and Daphne were bred.
The lambs are to be born some time between March and May.

I will share photos as soon as I can.

Happy Spring to you, friend!
I hope your weekend is splendid (and not filled with snow!)


  1. Happy spring to you to. Today is to be sunny and +8 for us again just lovely ! Wonderful photos . Oh I bet you are excited to get these cute lambs I know I am lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  2. Just look at that babydoll face. I can hardly wait until you get yours. No signs of spring here huge banks of snow left and no green to be seen anywhere. You were talking about spring a few days back and we got 14 inches of snow...ENOUGH ALREADY!! But one thing for sure I will hang in there cuz better weather is coming :)

  3. Love that Babydoll face . . . and look forward to the birthing of your new lambs.
    Bee Haven keeps growing . . . YAY!
    I hope the snows were easy on you!

  4. So pretty, that breed of sheep!
    Two questions: Will you get them as bottle babies?
    Are they an addition to the farm so that you may use their wool for your knitting?
    I hope this hiccup of snow passes and melts quickly.

    1. Yes, I am going to learn to spin and will use their wool. We are adding them mostly so that we have a good variety of animals on the share with all who visit!

  5. Yes, we are "enjoying" what I hope to be the last snow of the season..We were out for an hour this morning..The sheep are adorable..I can't wait to meet them..Spring ha certainly been teasing us..Have a fun weekend...

  6. i can't wait for the sheep and that they will be new friends for the piggy girls! is it snowing?

  7. Happy spring to you Bev!
    Oh how I love the Babydoll sheep!

  8. Oh Bev, I can hardly wait to see pics of your 'baby~dolls...'
    I hope they are born March 30th :>)

  9. Oh, what a sweet face. I love the idea that the sheep will be fertilizing the apple trees! Hope your snow is melting today! On to spring!

  10. Oh, my how exciting! Can't wait to see the newborns...they will be so cute. How much does a full grown sheep weight? How tall? Such a fun adventure.

  11. Love that sweet baby doll face. Can't wait to see the babies. You've gotten a good start on the seeds and you'll be ready, if and when Spring decides to show up!


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