Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Carrots For Everyone

We've had snow on the ground ever since the first of the year.
And today we are getting even more...with ice...and freezing rain.

But, even in the midst of all this wintery precipitation,
there's a change in the air.

Now, when the sun does shine, there is a warmth to its rays.
The days are getting longer.
We are heading out of winter.

We still have cold weeks ahead of us,
but there is a promise in the warmth of the sun that is undeniable.

Yesterday afternoon was full of fun and surprises as I made my way around
tending to all of the animals.
I had stuffed my pockets full of carrots...
treats for my friends who have been cooped up for way too long.

The pigs rarely emerge from their warm nest of hay these days.
It takes something tasty, like a carrot, to bring them out into the cold!

My horses seem to have ESP when it comes to carrots.
As you can see, Moonbeam wasn't about to go un-noticed as the pigs ate their treat.

"Don't forget our carrots!" they called as I headed to the barn.

I was greeted by noses of all sizes pushing through the fence in search of yummies.

"I jutht love carrotths!" said Moonbeam as his lips parted and tongue came out to claim his prize.

The donkeys were much daintier and lady-like about their treats...
gently taking each carrot piece with their soft lips.

Three dogs waited patiently outside the fence,
hoping that treats were in their future as well.

I had quite a surprise awaiting me when I went to the henhouses to gather eggs.
All of the hens were outside one of the houses...
standing in a cluster outside the door...
obviously un-nerved.

I went into the henhouse to see what had them in a panic and this is what I found...

Yes, another possum.
Who can resist a warm house with plenty of food?
Obviously this fellow was in heaven and not please with my disturbing him.
What happened next, though, was quite a surprise.

Seeing me, he ran out of the house...
straight into Annie...
who picked him up and gave him a good shake.

That quickly, there he was... dead on the ground.
I felt a little sorry for the little fellow, but was also glad he would not be back to bother the hens.
So, I scooped him up with a manure fork and sent his remains sailing into the woods...
only to then see him get up on his feet, shake himself off, and scamper into the woods.

Now you know why they are known for "playing possum"!

He'll be back!


  1. Oh my goodness! No shortage of excitement there! I totally agree with you that there is a difference in the air....spring is on the way!

  2. Oh my gosh! Good work, Annie! She is earning her keep!

    Moonbeam is a riot. He looks so sweet, just waiting for his turn at some carrots.
    Glad that the sun is shining on your farm.
    I hope you'll share this on The Maple Hill Hop this week. Stay warm!

  3. How did those piggies know that you had carrot treats before they even left the comfort of their cosy quarters? And Moonbeam obviously sussed the situation out pretty quickly too!
    I felt very sorry for Mr Possum, until you said he got up and ran away! Maybe you should build him his very own "henhouse"!

    Kathy from Tas

  4. teddy loves nothing better than shaking things until they are dead. she excels at it! you are right, spring is in the air! i always think of this as st. patrick's day weather. still cold but the light is different.

  5. Love all the animals and their treats! Oh that Possum, at least he didn't eat a chicken! I've been fighting with posting on your blog for a week now, just don't get. it, Hopefully today is my lucky charm! Trying something different. Hugs, June

  6. Treats bring everyone running..I'm sure they are happy to see you...Love the possum story..I had forgotten about "playing possum"...He'll be back soon because he's still nearby..Watch the ice!! xxoo

  7. Oh my I bet that possum will be more cautious now lol ! Lovely post and photos I just love your animals . Never know what or who to expect on a farm lol ! Yes we have the same weather and there is a change in the air and even the feel and smell in it of spring . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  8. LOL- Oh- and just when I was starting to feel bad for that poor little possum....lol Great photos BUT I wish you would FEED those pigs..they are wasting away to nothing there. lol xo Diana

  9. It might have been better had Annie been successful. Possum feces can contain a protozoa that can cause EPM in horses if they get some mixed in their hay. The protozoa can also be in cat feces. It's a neurological disorder that can do great damage.

  10. OH MY GOSH! He played possum! Mercy, this had me in stitches. Tell Annie to shake harder next time. I have the giggles.

  11. That is just too funny, and you thought he was dead....isn't nature amazing?


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