Friday, February 13, 2015

Preparing For A Colder Snap

It was a balmy 33 degrees yesterday morning as I did morning chores.
Thirty three seems so warm, that I removed my coat and did chores in my
turtleneck and flannel shirt.

By afternoon, though, the wind whistled through the trees...
sending snow twirling in funnels across the pastures...
and plummeting our temperatures downward.
The silver lining was this brilliant blue sky... a rare sight, lately!

Apparently my Canadian friends are graciously loaning us a bit of their air mass,
and bitter cold is moving in to our area.
I will be doing chores in the negative degrees over the next couple of days.
Brrrrrrrrrrr.  Thank you.

We've learned to not let a little cold get us down, though.
We will keep the henhouses closed up to retain warmth...
no hen party in the cafe tomorrow, gals!

The horses will get generous helpings of hay over the next several days.

The goats have a little extra hay inside their houses for insulation...
and for snacking indoors!

(The same for the pigs.)

I suspect that MaryAnn will not be coming out for her daily fountain drink
once the cold weather arrives.

(They'll stay nestled in their bed of hay beneath the warmth of their heat lamp.)
Beneath the heat lamps in the barn, I happened to catch a rare scene...

Grumpy Ella Bella almost never shares her bed with another.
However, yesterday she was curled up with TomTom.
I think she may be mellowing in her old age!

I am using this time to work on Wedding projects.
Amongst yesterday's projects were these...

(There were more, too...but I cannot show you everything...
you must wait for the big day!)

I also sewed a few of these "Baprons" (silly name if you ask me)...
they are a cross between a bib and an apron...
providing excellent protection for clothes beneath.

The above one is sized for 24 months to 3T.

These two are 6 - 18 month size,
and are cotton on the outside and flannel on the inside.

I thought a little more about Daisy G.'s question...
What is the best and worst part of owning a farm?

For me, the absolute worst part is saying goodbye to my beloved friends as they pass.
And we have said our share of goodbyes over the years!
However, the good always outweighs the bad...and I wouldn't trade this life
for any other! 


  1. batten down the hatches. the cold air is here already!

  2. I had to say good-bye to my beloved dog of 13 years this week, you are right, it is the worst! I cry every time you go through it. Love, TerriC

  3. Best posts . . . Love the stories and learning . . .
    Like the bibs/aprons . . .
    Wedding plans are a treat to see . . .
    I am being a bit negative on the CHILL . . . WOWSIE . . . its SOOOOO BITTER COLD!

  4. Great piggy pictures. Tom-tom must've been a good boy to be allowed to share. Love your aprons.they are adorable.yes, it's tough to say goodbye. Stay warm. That won't be easy these next few days.xxoo

  5. Wonderful post and photos ! We here in Ontario Canada had more snow last night over night on top of the three to four feet we already have and the temps this morning were a bone chilling - 25C BRR !! it has warmed up believe it or not -15C feels like -22 C still to darn cold . Hope it doesn't get to cold there . . I found it hard being on the farm when we had a loss they are all so important to us and all members of our family . Thanks for sharing , hope you all stay cozy and a have a good weekend and a Happy Valentines day !

  6. Bev,
    Although I do not live on a farm, I am a farm girl in my heart... I just love to visit you and all your furry friends on the farm.. I just love MaryAnn, she has such personality, and it was very kind of Ella Bella to share her spot..
    I love the wedding projects you are working on... Especially the first one.. Love the quotes on the wood.

    Thank you so much for coming over to meet Henry and your sweet comment.. So happy you enjoyed him.

  7. It is a balmy 72 degrees out here in 'sunny and no real winter weather California'. Stay warm and cuddle up. Happy Valentine's Day!!! I love, love, love the Come as you are sign! So clever on the pallet. I cannot wait to see more.

  8. I think the baprons (i'd call them bibrons if they have to have a silly name) are very cute. I have long thought that they should make something similar for adults to wear. When I worked, so many of my co-workers would "goober" on themselves at lunch & then have to go into a meeting with stains on their shirts/blouse. I think they would be popular if restaurants offered a disposal baprons for patrons. It isn't just kids & babies that get messy when their eating. The toddler pattern would also make a really cute if enlarged to make an artist smock for bigger kids when painting or doing art projects.

    You are getting so many of the wedding decorations done. Hope you are having fun making them & then checking each one off your to do list. Hope you & all the critters stay nice & warm during your cold spell. Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Frigid here in Wi. too, my kune kune was totally buried in his pile of straw and hay. I greeted him and all I got was a grunt and the pile bobbed a bit. The two silly goats were laying outside though.

  10. We are getting that nasty cold all next week, booooooo! That Mary Anne gives me a belly laugh every time I see her face... sorry Mary Anne, I just can't help it! Double the hay, double the corn rations, I think all our farm folk will be fine

  11. It's in the 30's here this morning in Central Florida. Brrrr...I hope you get your chores done quickly.
    That shot of the chickens all together is priceless! I guess the kitties are making the best of the cold. Love your wedding decorations. Yes, it is always difficult losing those we love. But they are still with you, still part of the farm and still in your heart where they will live forever. Hope you have some hot cocoa to get you through today!

  12. Brrrrr is right! Glad you have a plan of action! Cozy, comfy critters always make me smile. ☺


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