Tuesday, February 3, 2015

News Flash!

The seven inches predicted turned out to be just 3 more inches.
But on top of that we received a little light rain yesterday morning.

Carefully, I made my way around the farm for early morning chores.
Almost finished, and heading for home, I hit a patch of slippery snow
and the gator slid off of the lane and down an embankment close to the pig yard.

And there I stayed.
What to do?
My options were 1.) cry  2.) solve the problem.
After careful consideration, I chose #2 and walked up to the tractor garage to get
Deere John.
Hooking a tow line around the axel of the gator and the back of the tractor,
I climbed aboard and gave the tractor some gas.
All four wheels just spun on the ice...fighting for traction.
It was obviously time to call in the calvary.
Luckily, a neighbor was out plowing and I flagged him down to help.
He freed my gator from the ditch and ended up getting himself stuck in a ditch as well.

See what I mean about winter making things just a little more complicated?

Rita asked: "Are the donkeys as sensitive to the type of hay they consume as horses? Do you raise them for pleasure or to sell? How much space do they need? Weather challenges to your livestock? Do you sell any of the products you raise on your farm? Do you and your husband do most or all of the work related to your farm? How did you find the farm? Would you like to expand? "

I feed our donkeys the same hay as our horses.  They actually can exist on a much
poorer quality of hay than horses.  If hay is rich, donkeys get fat.
This breed of donkey comes from Sicily and Sardinia...an area that is more arid than Pennsylvania.  In the wild, they exist on whatever vegetation they can find.
So, they are not terribly picky eaters.

Daphne and Chloe are on the farm just for our pleasure.
We do not breed our donkeys...they are yard ornaments and love sponges.
With the potential to live 50 years, we will not be adding to our donkeys...
as there is a good chance that they might out-live us!

I have our girls in their own dry lot with their own run-in so that they can get out of the weather.
Mini donkeys do not like wind or precipitation, and prefer to stay under shelter in these conditions.
Their dry lot is next to our front pasture...which gives them several acres of grazing area.

Weather always has its challenges....more for us humans than for the animals.

Heated water buckets are a necessity in the winter... as well as adequate shelter.
Our pigs and barn kitties and chickens and turkeys all have heat lamps
to help chase away winter's chill. 

We do raise our chickens for eggs to sell.  We are currently servicing about 15 customers
with a dozen eggs weekly.  When our bees have a successful year, we sell whatever extra honey we have.  We have in the past made and sold lip balm from our own beeswax.  We have plans to sell our blueberries some day when the bushes are larger and more productive.  For now, however, I use all of our blueberries in jams and then freeze the rest.

As for the farm work...most is done by me, as Hubbs has an extremely busy job.  He helps out on the weekends as does Amanda when she is around.

 I take one day off from farm chores each week,
and schedule appointments and errands for that day (Wednesdays).  I have learned to use the
tractors and other farm equipment...trying to be as independent as possible.
I used to trim my horses' hooves, but gave that up...
it's always good to remember that this is a marathon and some energy needs to be saved!

Originally, the farm was found online.  We have added adjoining acreage as it went up for sale,
and possibly might consider adding one more piece of land that is situated behind our house.
This area is currently a hunting camp that is rarely used and has beautiful creek access.
But since we currently have 140 acres at our disposal, we feel no great need to expand.
Within our animal fold, we will expand only enough to keep a good amount of animals
available for petting and loving.... as we love having school children, and day-cares visit the farm.

And last, but not least....I have had to wait until now to share this with you.
And believe me, waiting has been hard.
Do you remember last summer's wedding?
Andy and Ashley got married, bought a house, and found a rescue dog....
it was a big summer for them!

Here's Andy these days....

And here is our new little one (due this August)...

My Christmas present was an envelope with an ultrasound photo in it.
I was elated and totally surprised.
I couldn't wait to share the news, but was hushed until today.


  1. What a WONDERFUL surprise!!!! Congratulations on the new little sprout! And I am very happy that you were not hurt when the gator went awry.

  2. a big congratulations to you all!!! what exciting news.

  3. Ahhhh! Congratulations on the sweet new addition to your family!
    So glad you have neighbors to help out in your hour of need. It's great to be independent, but even nicer to be interdependent. Hope your day goes smoothly!

  4. Oh congratulations! How super exciting!

  5. Awesome post and photos ! CONGRATS to all ,wonderful news ! We got dumped on with 11inches of snow spent all day snow blowing and shoveling Papa had a snow day from work for the first time in years . I bet you had a few choice words to say when the gater got stuck and tractor couldn't pull it out I would I of to lol ! Glad you didn't get hurt .Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. Another grandbaby, yayayayayayayayyayayay!!!! And the pictures of the farm in the snow are just magical! TerriC

  7. Congratulations on the new little one! You must be thrilled to welcome another baby to the family. :-)

  8. Congratulations on the new addition. Your photos are beautiful. :)

  9. Thanks everyone!!! I am so excited. I am crossing my fingers for a girl....but of course it really doesn't matter!

  10. That's so wonderful, Bev! Congratulations to all! I know of course it doesn't matter, but a little girl....in a little apron....helping Grammy cook!!

  11. Congratulations Grandma! How awesome is that?I bet you are already knitting something! Ha.

    Lovely post....loved seeing the girls again. So sweet. I had not idea they lived that long...wow.

  12. How exciting another grand baby to love, Congrats! I'm sure glad to hear that possibly pride was the only thing hurt in the gator crash! Your photos are beautiful, love snow! Enjoy your day,Hugs!!

  13. Goose Bump time!
    Happy news indeed . . .
    (Love reading the questions/answers and learning about Bee Haven!)

  14. Hi Grammy!! Sounds like you had a trying day yesterday..Hope today is better for you..Love your pictures of the snow..You do have a lot..Good picture of you and hubs in your Sunday best!! Super picture of Bobby..Love ya

  15. oh wonderful news.

    I so remember the first time I was told I was a Grandmother. Awesome news. I love all you pictures as well.

  16. How wonderful, congratulations to you and your family. Does Tyler know?

    Annie v.

  17. Congratulations, Grandma! My little guy will be 2 this month. These little tiny people steal your heart and hang on to it forever. I love my kids but it's a different love when it comes to these tiny people. Honestly, there is nothing better than being a Grandma! Congrats again!

  18. Oh, Bev, that's just wonderful that there will be another baby in the family!!! Wow, your human and your animal families are so lucky to have you and your husband!!! I LOVE reading all about your farm, and how it became, and is becoming!! A truly wonderful legacy for your family! Karla Jo

  19. Congrats on the new baby coming! Grandchildren are so fun. We have three now and love them so much.
    I have a couple of questions. First, how many kids do you have? And what did you do before the farm? Were you a homemaker or did you work outside the home? Inquiring minds want to know!:)

    1. Cindy.... I am a registered nurse and worked in a hospital on an orthopedic floor for the first half of my career. Then I switched to a busy Orthopedic practice. I love nursing, but when the farm became a reality, I left nursing to take care of the farm. I still keep my fingers in nursing, doing a little teaching here and there.....but extremely part time....and only in the winter. We have four grown children, one grandson and now one on the way!!

  20. Congratulations!! what a wonderful Christmas miracle- I'm so glad you were given the go-ahead to share now !!

  21. An American in TokyoFebruary 3, 2015 at 7:19 PM

    CONGRATULATIONS!! It must be nice to look forward to another little one in the family!!

    I love your blog and read it whenever I have time! Thank you for sharing your life with us readers!

  22. What a great Christmas surprise!!!! You are going to have two little grandchildren to grow up together. They are little miracles for sure!!!!! Congratulations to all!


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