Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Blue Skies, Sun, and Icicles

Yesterday afternoon as the dogs and I moved about the farm...
feeding animals, gathering eggs, filling water buckets and cleaning manure,
I was enthralled with the positively beautiful weather.

The sun was out and the thermometer had hit a high of 28 degrees (F).
Could I have imagined last summer that I would eventually regard
a 28 degree day as warm?

Today's pearl of wisdom is this:  it's all relative!
To you all in So. Cal., 28 seems frigid.
To my Canadian friends, a heat wave!

For me.... I was just happy to see the sun shining...
blue skies are a wonderful backdrop for photographing my friends!

We've had snow on the ground since New Year's...
and every couple of days we get a few new inches
just to keep things looking crisp and fresh.

The garden with its snow covered boxes looks like an above-ground cemetery.
I prefer the summer look when each box bursts with color!

The pond is almost entirely frozen...

except for one small circle...

the ducks' "hot tub" where they splash and swim on this balmy afternoon.

With the sun shining, Ginger and MaryAnn finally emerge from their bed of hay.
(It must be nice to be able to just eat your bed!)

MaryAnn enjoys her afternoon "Big Gulp"!

On this day, with the sun shining, and the warmth of 28 degrees,
I'm kind of loving the snow.
Other days... not so much.

I have a lot to keep me busy indoors this winter,
so... when the chores are done, we are back inside.
The dogs.....
Sammy sleeping in front of the fire...

Oakley on his favorite chair...

Annie, yawning, on the couch
(it's a tough life!)

while I busily keep working on housework, wedding favors, and knitting and sewing projects...
a pot of ham/potato soup cooking on the stove for dinner.

All in all.... a pretty good day!

We talked yesterday about how my equines grow such thick winter coats.
Here is a great illustration of that.
Scarlet, happily munching her lunch, is quite fluffy...

so fluffy that you cannot even see the space between her legs.
It's totally filled with fluffy fur!
We are definitely going to have to shave that gal's legs before swim suit season arrives!
(not to mention putting her on a diet!)

Another question that I received weeks ago asked if we go to the Pennsylvania State Farm Show.
We have, in the past, attended.... but not in the last few years.
The conversation at home goes like this:

Hubbs:  "Do you want to go to the Farm Show?"
Me:  "Why?.....we live the farm show!"
(or vice-versa)

We have never entered any of our animals in the farm show, either.
I would prefer to never take the animals off the farm and expose them to pathogens
that might be carried by others' animals.
So..... we stay home and have our own farm show all year long!


  1. What a beautiful day there-although a bit cold for me. You seem to cope with the frigid temperatures so well, I guess it's just a matter of getting used to it. Your pups seem to enjoy themselves, no matter where they are! I hope you'll share this lovely post on The Maple Hill Hop. You can find us here:
    Enjoy that warm fire!

  2. scarlett sure is a fluff ball. those dogs have such a rough life. snow is on the way here today!

  3. Good morning. Do I detect an Amish chair by the fire place? I have the same one. We have an Amish community about 15 miles from us that we frequent often. 28 degrees, I would say you had a heat wave!! We have another storm coming tonight into tomorrow around another 6 inches.....then another deep freeze next week! Sure glad my flower gardens are insulated in lots of snow. I will be glad when your "cemetery" Is bursting with color.

  4. Your garden won't look like a cemetery for long. Yesterday was a beautiful day and it looks like today will be as well. Scarlet is certainly not ready for her this weather, none of us are. Brrrr..The dogs really have it rough. Enjoy your day. Hugs

  5. I like seeing the boxes filled with greens and flowers too . . . It does look like an above ground cemetery!

    Bring on more sunny days!

  6. What a wonderful post. I love all the animal pictures. I did think that was a graveyard at first. lol Hope you have a good day. Did you end up going to the FARM show-or just living it? xo Diana

  7. I love your farm show! Glad you have warmer temps, everything look so pretty.

  8. I think those 'ducks' are really having a ball in their hot tub!!
    what delightful photos you shared today, as always--thanks!!
    but I will stay inside and join you in the sewing part---:-)
    smiles, diandmissgracie
    in cold NY

  9. Absolutely beautiful - all of it!! I'm especially pleased to see a horse covered in winter wooly hair instead of blanketed. All your critters look like they're just blissful...serene and at peace. Just what farm life should look like. And yes, it really is all about ones' perspective...we were a balmy 66 deg F yesterday, with gentle breezes, puffy clouds and plenty of sunshine. :) This February will be going in the record books for the warmest , ever! Don't shoot me!! :)

  10. Whee hee it does look like a cemetery

  11. Maybe Scarlet could get a Bikini wax??.It won't be long before your cemetery is overflowing with all things green and yummy..Your pups have it made...No room for laps in that pond :) xxoo

  12. An American in TokyoFebruary 18, 2015 at 8:50 PM

    Beautiful photos as always!!
    I like the angle in the first photo. =)

    The soup you are making sounds wonderful!! I can almost smell it from here...


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