Monday, February 23, 2015

A Trip Down Memory Lane.... Part 1

For one week I am doing something a little different.
I am posting story...
just wonderful photos from days gone by.

It's been a long, long, cold winter and I am need of warmth and sunshine,
so I am going to dig through old photos and pick the ones that fill me with warmth.

I hope you get as much of a smile from them as I do!

A little taste of warmer days....of sweet, sweet times
in the midst of all that I love!

This is a re-post of some photos that I had posted a couple of years ago when we
went to Alaska.

Isn't life a beautiful thing????


  1. I always said Disney World is the happiest place on earth. Your farm comes in a close second. Great photos!

  2. OMGosh, what fantastic photos....everyone! Adore that last one but can't pick a favorite...each one is so special!

  3. Just lovely photos, I especially like the "Apron Girls Photo" ~ have a great weekend! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed your trip and I'm looking forward to seeing the photos!

  4. Lots of Awwww moments..Tyler makes me laugh...I'll be glad when you are back home again..Missed you.

  5. Your blog is the first one I read every morning. Even while you've been off enjoying your vacation in Alaska, you thoughtfully gave us wonderful posts of your lovely farm and farm critters for our reading and viewing enjoyment. Love your photos and stories. Thank you, Beverly, and thanks to Amanda for posting them every day. Can't wait for pics and tales of the Alaska Adventure!

  6. Fantastic photos ! Your blog of your farm always makes me smile ! Thanks for that ! Have a great day !

  7. I loved each and everyone of these photos! They are fantastic. Your grandson Tyler is so cute! He's getting big too. What a beautiful life you have! I'm so glad you share it with us. Oh...I loved the photo of all of you girls in your aprons. I bet you made each and everyone of them! Have a lovely day Bev.
    Hugs, Sandy

  8. Always love your pictures/photos!! Glad you're back safe and sound--- we hope to go to Alaska next summer- just hope the glaciers are still there!

  9. Glad to hear you arrived back safe and sound. We need a Leo update please! Waiting on pins and needles, Mary A

  10. So True! 'Life is Good'
    Life is what we make of it,,,, and what a blessing we get, to be the caregivers of what we are given, have...
    I can never get enough joy in the simple tasks of gardening, playing w/my furbabies... and just sitting on the balcony wq/the hubby, in the coolness of the evening,, just looking around and enjoying all our hard work and seeing some progress.... it's all about the 'footprints' we leave for the next generation....

  11. awwww how refreshing. Gives me a boost for the day. I'm sure to go back and look at all these photos again today. Thanks for being here every morning

  12. Little baby Tyler! He is baby no more that is for sure. I love these photos. The last one melts my heart!

  13. Loved them..Always fun to go through old pictures..Nice to see "warmth".

  14. Thank you, They are so uplifting & beautiful!

  15. Love this post!
    Little Tyler is so adorable! And you have such a great vegie garden, and I love the photo of the Apron ladies.
    This last photo touches my heart.
    Have a great day Bev.


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