Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Sunny Day And A Pantry Re-hab

Yesterday morning started with the promise of sun...

another amazing sunrise...

another bitter cold morning!

By afternoon, the sun had made good on its promise,

and I had the pleasure of doing afternoon chores with the sun on my face.

It's amazing to me how our bodies adapt to the cold.
In the autumn, when the days hit 50 degrees, my hands freeze and the gloves are donned.
Now, after such a cold winter, my hands are no longer cold at 25 degrees and I can work without gloves.  At 32 degrees, the jacket comes off and I work in a sweatshirt.
Weird, huh?

It seems these days that most of the animals spend their days in a holding pattern.
The goats rarely veer from the paths they've walked in the snow.

The chickens wait patiently for the day when grass is once again visible.
"We'll take the high roost...."

"and you'll take the low roost..."

The hours between morning and afternoon chores were filled with a pantry rehabilitation project.

From last week's questions...

Karen asked:  
"Show us your pantry....I love seeing all those canned goodies you spent the year making."

Today is a great day to share my pantry with you...
as I spent most of yesterday re-organizing it.

I started years ago to collect old jars for pantry storage.

Just recently I found a blogger who had made downloadable pantry labels that I really liked.

I printed them off on clear sticker paper...

and then realized that I had 36 more jars for which she had no labels.

I got to work with and wrote my own labels for the remaining jars.

Then I emptied, re-washed, labelled, and re-filled the jars.
I washed the shelving and reorganized.
Presto! Chango!  
Sorry (I'm not really!) that I cannot show you what it looked like before!

Our basement has a corner room (unheated) that acts as a secondary pantry.
Here we keep our meat freezer and all of the canned goods from the farm.
This is what is left from last summer...

What little time I had left over was spent finishing this cowl...

and working on the spots for this baby hat.

If you are interested in pantry jar labels, I can send you the rest that I wrote myself.


  1. I love your labels and would love to receive what you made. Can you tell us the type of labels/paper you printed these on? I also would like to comment on how you answer questions that readers ask. It is so enjoyable and interesting. Great job Beverly!

    1. Hi me at and then I will have you email address and can send you the files. The labels are printed on Silhouette clear label paper (I found it on Etsy...but JoAnn fabric might sell it as well.) They work best with a laser printer, however, I only have an ink jet printer and they are fine.....if you look very very closely, you can see little gaps in the print. If you want perfect printing and don't have a laser printer, you can have them printed at a place like Staples, or a print shop.

  2. what great pantries! i wish mine looked like that! i adjust to the weather the same way. except for when it gets really most hated weather!

  3. So organized. But then I would expect nothing less. Your pantry is to be envied! Good job!!

  4. That's awesome...I love those labels..very cool. Thanks for answering my question. I knew you had lots of goodies in there....and look, I made you clean out the pantry...ha! I use all those old jars too but not labels as I don't bake anymore.

    Love the cute knitted hat and cowl.

  5. Patsy from IllinoisFebruary 4, 2015 at 8:40 AM

    I am so jealous. I have always, always wanted a pantry and never got to have one. It would look just like yours, I hope and be so convenient.

  6. Love the pantry with the jars all labeled. My pantry is on the top of my list for reorganizing. My list just keeps getting longer. I tried knitting last night with the thumb. It went okay, just take it slow. Enjoy your sunshine, Hugs!!

  7. I love the labels It makes your pantry so much more interesting. I can see myself going into the pantry just to read the labels.

  8. What an amazing pantry love the entrance door . Lovely photos . I hear you about getting used to the cold I feel the same way like anything else the more ya do it and get out there the more one gets used to it lol I dont have farm animals to keep me out doors or busy as much as I would love to but I do have my birds and critters I feed and other wildlife in the valley as well as playing with my Miggs in the snow going for walks , taking photos and shoveling and snow blowing all that keeps me out side and busy and the fact that I love the outdoors lol . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  9. Beverly,
    I have not made a comment for quit some time. And even tho I am a guy, I love your Posts and look forward to them!
    The labels are great and as I am working to convert a small closet to a Pantry, You could not have Posted about them at a better time.
    Could you send me the list that you came up with? Thanks so much !

  10. BTW, I forgot to mention yesterday how good the pie looked!! The sun rise is gorgeous, always happy to see what you are knitting, the animals all look content, and I know what you mean about how warm 40 is in the spring but how cold it is in the fall.....AND... that pantry is to drool over!!! Love the old jars and the labels ....well I agree with Tanya. It was fun looking in your basement storage room too. There is a lot of work that went into all those jars!

  11. Hi Bev...that is a pantry to die for. I do not have one but I have a very old, large, pine step-back that holds a lot of pantry things. I love the door on your pantry! It must be so much fun filling up that room. Thank you for showing us! It was fun for me!

  12. Nice AMAZING . . . what a gal!


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