Friday, January 9, 2015

Tiny Horse...Big Attitude!

What do you do when you've spent too much time indoors?  

You bundle up and go out to visit the animals.
After all... if they have to stay outside in this weather,
then I should certainly be able to spend a little extra time with them.
It only seems fair.

I sat in the dry lot for a while yesterday afternoon...just watching the horses.
Naturally, they were equally curious about what I was doing as well.

These guys are so very furry right now....
their fur all plumped up around them as insulation.

Amazingly, if you put your hand up under their manes....
it is as warm as can be.
I think that the horses are much happier in the cold of winter than they are in the heat of summer.
I must confess.... I am, too!

I just love the Littles.
Red is gentle and precious...he would make the perfect "big" horse.

 His half-brother, Ollie, on the other hand...
well, let's just say I thank God every day that Ollie is as tiny as he is.

Most days, Ollie has a big attitude and some days he is just a little snot!
(albeit a cute snot!)

They both have blue eyes that remind me of carousel horses.

Ollie, though, only has one blue eye...

the other is a blue/brown marble...
very curious!

Then there are the ponies...Donnie and Scarlet.

These two are full brother/sister...separated by about 5 or 6 years.

They are both sweet natured and quite lovely...
the perfect bookends.

And last, but never least is Moonbeam (Moony)...
who, if he were human, would be a blond-haired surfer "dude" on a beach somewhere...
just "chilling".
He's about as laid back as they get.
Never once has he had any inclination towards aggressive behavior.
He has never kicked or nipped.

He has lovely ground manners...patient, kind, tolerant.
Sometimes at feeding time he will come into the stall 
and kick the door to let me know that he is there.
In a very quiet, calm voice I simply say "out" and he exits the stall.
I love that he respects me.

I only wish that Ollie did.

Nope, he doesn't and never will.
This "attitude" is common with orphans (Ollie was orphaned at 3 weeks).
Thank God he is as tiny as he is!

As for the knitting...
I just finished this moss-stitch wrap....

The yarn and pattern were a Christmas present from my Mom...

This will be toasty warm on these cold winter days!


  1. I just said the to someone else . . . CHARACTER gets me every time! OLLIE . . .

  2. How sweet all the pics are, even sweet cute snot! Sure sounds like you are in a really cold spell. That new wrap sure looks cozy and warm! I sure have the urge to knit, patience not my strong suit. Hugs!!

  3. i'll take winter cold over summer heat anytime! you can always add another layer in winter but in summer you can only take so much off! the animals are so fluffy that they look like stuffed animals.

  4. The wrap is beautiful and love the stitch. You finished it so fast for a Christmas gift. One of my resolutions for 2015 is to teach myself how to knit. Have a great day!

  5. Ollie you little snot! I love it. Your stable is full of wonderful personalities! I will have to feel under the winter fur of my donkeys now, to see how warm it is... I always feel guilty that they are out in the cold. I love your knitting, but my curiosity is in the object on which it sits; A corn grinder?

    1. Jerri, that is actually a cutter. I believe it was used to chop up the corn stalks to use for feed, after the corn was harvested. It's a wonderful piece....I am seriously in love with old iron farm equipment as well as old iron kitchen tools! It amazes me how we used to manufacture things that actually lasted through the decades...and centuries. (Not any more, however.)

  6. Ollie is adorable in his fuzzy coat..Is that your glove in his mouth?? They all look toasty and warm..Your Wrap looks lovely..I like that stitch...Moonbeam is sweet until you get on his back, I guess...All your animals are loving..They probably follow your lead...xxoo

  7. I truly love reading your posts and seeing all thephotos of your animals and hearing all about them--so thanks for sharing your piece of heaven with me !
    smiles, di and miss gracie

  8. Thanks for sharing all the personalities!! The wrap should do the trick in keeping you warm.

  9. I have to laugh, How long does it take you in the morning to get yourself and all the dogs all bundled up to head outside ?
    We actually had some (short lived) warm weather... now it's going back to cold, bone chillin' weather. Oh well, like you, it was nice to get outside and enjoy the short break in weather. hugz

  10. Ollie, you little dickens you! Oh Willow, I just love your horses, large and small...
    Your knitting is just beautiful...
    Stay warm,

  11. The equines do indeed look quite comfortable. Moonbeam looks like such a love. Your wrap is gorgeous. You are so talented. I'm retrying knitting with a little help from a good instruction book. Enjoy your weekend.

  12. Patsy from IllinoisJanuary 10, 2015 at 10:43 AM

    Oh my gosh how I love the littles!! Thank you so much for pics and letting us get to know them a little bit better.

  13. I just love your adorable and that attitude! Funny!


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