Tuesday, January 27, 2015

More Snow....

With the exception of Wednesday, it looks as though this week is a snow week.

The dogs love the snow and look forward to each time we go outside for chores.
Romping, playing, running along with the gator....

and looking for tasty treats in the snow are their favorite activities.

Most of the chickens stay inside in this weather...
but a few can't resist coming out to see what Sammy has found.

The goats, with their thick winter coats were built for snow.

And goofy Spider has a double set of horn tufts today!

It must be nice to he equipped with a double set of back scratchers!


  1. Looks like SNOW has arrived! Are you getting some of the BIG STORM IN THE EAST residual!?

  2. we got much desired snow!!! i am very happy. we got about 9 inches!

  3. I though of the tails listing to the news and the Big Storm. I hope all stay safe and warm snuggled in. Well except for the goats, ha-ha!

  4. After closing the highways and scaring us that we were going to get 30 inches!!! we got about 12". Nothing that we are not accustomed to... It looks beautiful from my armchair inside!!!

    Annie v.

  5. Beautiful today..Sunny!! I think the rest of the weeks snow is just "showers" followed by single digit lows..Brrr!
    Enjoy your day..

  6. Hi Bev,
    They all look as if they are enjoying all that snow... It looks so beautiful.
    Enjoy your day

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. You got a lot of snow . Miggs likes snacks from the yard bunny poop YUK !! Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !


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