Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Frozen Poopsicles and Portion Control

We've reached that point in the winter when daily chores seem to take forever.
While there are less chores to be done,
the ones that remain take much longer...
complicated by the ice on the ground.

Because the equines eat so much more hay in the winter, 
they produce that much more manure!

Because the dry lot is ice covered,
manure melts through the ice and then freezes in place...
making manure clean-up a daunting task that involves either a pick-axe or shovel!

For some reason, the dogs love these frozen turds...

we call them "poopsicles"!

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, but temperatures still remained in the low 20's...
not enough for a thaw.

I sat watching the donkey girls eat their afternoon flake of hay.
Looking for any clue as to why Daphne is so much rounder than Chloe,
I watched as the girls shared their hay flake.

For every little bite that Chloe (on the left) takes...
Daphne (right) takes a huge bite.

By the time the flake is gone, I am sure that Daphne has consumed the largest portion.

I love the look of pure pleasure that Daphne has as she eats her lunch...
smile on her lips, eyes partially closed....MmmmmMmmmm....
munch, munch, munch....

She reminds me a little of MaryAnn...

who always steals food from Ginger's bowl as they are eating.

However, if Ginger tries to get any of MaryAnn's food...
she's met with squealing and head-butting!

Nobody takes food out of MaryAnn's bowl...
not if they know what's good for them!


  1. BRRR!! -18 here this morning. Sure glad I don't have to scoop poopsicles!

  2. the look on daphne's face is too cute! a warm up is on the way for this weekend.

  3. Daphne looks like she's in Heaven..Cute post..Those poopsicles should thaw this weekend!!

  4. maybe giant Depends would make cleanup easier :-)), but then the doggies would miss out on dessert

  5. Only 0* F here (east central Wi.) this morning - way better than the minus teens we've had lately, and a thaw is coming! We have two mountain horses, both mares. Sally grabs as much as she can get in her mouth, she's so bad she has to wear a grazing muzzle while on pasture. Ember eats like a normal horse - nibble nibble, even when on pasture. Just like some people I guess. Percy, my kune kune will not allow anyone, even his best friend Her Majesty Fanny the Mini Fainting Nanny to snitch from his bowl! (Her name will give you an indication of her character.)

  6. Oh, and our dogs have the same guilty look when they snitch horse apples and goat grapes!

  7. Too funny. To each their own, I guess.


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