Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Walk on the Wild Side

Week 1... 2015
I moved the trail cams closer to the house last week.

Out through the woodpile trail...

into the friendly forest...

so close to a deer trail, but not close enough.
You can see a doe and her youngsters out in the trees, left of center....

There's a busy little grey squirrel on that fallen log...
(the subject of half of the photos in the camera this week)

And you can see the glowing eyes of a doe left of center in the next photo...
(there were several photos of deer crossing at this area).
Note to self....move camera!

The most noteworthy was this busy (big) raccoon,
who made several appearances throughout the week.

It is in this area that I frequently hear owls.
I am wondering if I might capture an owl in flight at night if I point one of the cameras upward.
I might have to try that.

The second camera sat at the top of a hill...
down in the lower portion of our yard.
This young deer spent a little time hanging out here on New Year's Day....
isn't she lovely?

The next day....
"I smell deer here!" says Annie.


  1. MaybeAnnie should tell you where to put the cameras!that raccoon is huge. Stay warm!

  2. i hope our cameras will go up soon! we have an ice storm and it is just awful here this morning!

  3. Keep that racoon away from chickens!!! You may have to put your camera outside there coop for a night or two to see if "he" visit them! You sure have a lot of deer that visit you during the day and night. Annie is on the scent trail. I've been enjoying you trail cam photos, hugs!!

  4. I look forward to your pics each week!

  5. So fun to see what's lurking around your farm at night.

  6. Hi Bev,
    I just think this night cam is great! Love the young deer.. It would be great if you could capture an owl.. I would love to see that.
    I LOVE the face on the tree... Did you do that?


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