Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Walk On The Wild Side 2015....Week 2

Yesterday, after farm chores were complete,
the dogs and I headed around to the back of the house...

out through the woodpile...

the dogs anticipating an adventure...

Bobby tagging along.

We stopped for a photo session on the wood pile.

Such a handsome boy!

Checking the trail cameras, I found a little technical difficulty with one....
apparently, I hung the camera upside down.
It was a meager week, and this was the only capture...
(Let's turn that over)...
Well, hello there!

Well, there was also this pair of grey squirrels running up and down this tree.
(one on the left and one on the right)

The other camera, just a few yards away took one deer photo...

and several Annie adventures.

Annie must have been traveling fast, 
because the camera clicks as soon as it detects motion...
so Annie must have been zooming through the woods!

I am not surprised that there is not much activity this week...
it has been so very frigid.
If I were a critter, I'd be hunkered down...waiting for a break in the cold.

Time to move the cameras!


  1. Oh well, can't blame them for being somewhere warmer...I hope...Where is Annie's coat?

  2. One Handsome Boy indeed on the wood pike!
    I think Annie needs her coat on at all times, she shows up great for the cameras!
    I hope we all move up and out of all this frigid stuff . . . WHEW . . .

  3. Boy is Annie fast! With the sound of your weather, I don't blame any animals for staying snuggled in. Our fog has start to lift, so I'm hoping for some pretty blue skies today. I sure have my fingers crossed. Stay warm & safe, Hugs!!

  4. I have heard that the electronics in the camera, slow or even stop in extremely cold weather. I am going to check my cam tomorrow, we have been down to -14 F. I wonder if I got any pictures at all. Along with NUMEROUS rabbits, I have recently captured a bobcat, who had stopped and looked right at the camera, a fisher, twice, and a coyote, along with the usual deer. It's like opening a gift when you get something unusual! It's been like having multiple cameras, seeing what you got too!

  5. Bobbi is very handsome...I think Max's' skull is rounder, flatter than his..They are both handsome boys!! Love it when they are fluffy..Max has about half of his hair back and he's lookin very plush!!

  6. Bobby looks like my old cat Fluffy ! Handsome kitty ! Annie looks like she just loves to run as does our Miggs ! OOPS ! upside down cameras would make for interesting snaps lol ! It is frigid here to not many critter about as they must be all snuggled up in their homes . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  7. I hope they are nestled someplace warm, even if we have to miss seeing them. Annie is a blur...


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