Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up....On to Christmas!!

Well, it's December 1st.

I suppose you can say we are officially in the Christmas season.
Thanksgiving is behind us, now.
All that remains are a few various leftovers in the refrigerator,
and a heart full of wonderful memories.

Tyler running for a touchdown in the family football game.
Thanksgiving is truly my most favorite holiday.
Without the distraction of gifts, the family time spent together is 
all about play, fun, relationship, and love.

Our holiday was a blast because of our kids.

A family football game in the indoor arena was one of the highlights...
for two legged as well as four legged players!

On Saturday, Hubbs and I took our usual trip through the countryside to our favorite tree farm.

The tree in the foreground will go in our living room,
and the tree to its right will go in the family room.

I will be decorating both of them this week.
(I will share a Christmas Tour at some point.)

The snow is slowly melting, but doesn't seem to inhibit any of the animals
(except the pigs!)

Old Ella Bella spends most of her time beneath a heat lamp these days.

She is getting quite skinny of late.
Her appetite is still good. Dr. Becky says it might be her thyroid.
She is an old kitty...came to us as an adult (a stray that ended up in a shelter) years ago.
An aloof gal for the first few years, she has ended up being a cuddle bug.
Knowing that her days are numbered, I give her a hefty dose of loving each and every day.

Wouldn't the world be a better place if we all remembered that we are only here for
a moment (in the grand scheme of things)...
how much happier we would all be if we stopped to share an extra dose of loving
whenever we could!!


  1. Looks like more wonderful memories Bev..great pictures.
    What a lucky kitty to have had such a great home. Nice spot to spend her hours as a senior ..nice and warm.
    Seems everyone is in a hurry these days. What a shame to not enjoy what is right in front of them..
    Have a great day!!

  2. I have a rabbit who is twelve. He lives in my flower shop across the counter from my other two. He's almost blind now, but still spry. When he was younger he tolerated being picked up and cuddled but couldn't wait to get down and gave a hardy thump of disapproval when he was back on the ground.

    Twelve is the end-game for most rabbits who have lived a healthy life. So, I sit with Petals on my lap for a few minutes each day giving him some 'bunny' grooming and he now relaxes into it and naps briefly. I'm prepared (sort of) for the day when I come in and he's left us knowing I paid attention and honored his last days.

  3. And that is the truth . . . share a little bit of extra loving wherever we can . . . what a wonderful world!
    Great post Bev . . . !

  4. what a wonderful holiday! love the antonio brown jersey!!!

  5. What a great post Bev! I love to watch children play.. Makes my heart sing.. Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments in time..
    Love your trees... Can't wait to see them decorated in you home...

  6. Sweet post...You live by your words and I will always be grateful for that..Glad you had a fun Thanksgiving..Holidays are for kids..Pretty trees...can't wait to see what you do with them..

  7. love the pictures and it is something we should always try to think of and remember.

  8. I just love that cabin of yours. We have an old kitty gal too, hair is thinning, she's losing weight and loves to sleep under a quilt alll day long, I give her a loads of love as her days, too, are numbered.

  9. Bev, give Ella Bella an extra hug from... and like your EB, our Dolly is also up in age... with all the frailties that come with old age... I suspect she (Dolly) may have Diabeties... I need to take her to the Vet.... She drinks lots of water, goes piddle a lot and sleeps more,,, and like your EB, she is getting Thinner... We supplement her diet with a tablsp of Chicken baby food in the morning and evening... and sometime a little spoon in the middle of the day... We love her so and we know it's just a matter of time before she travels across the Rainbow Bridge.... Give EB lots of love and as I know you do, Cherish her time with you.

  10. without the gifts
    ha, made me think /////you were standing in the midst of the gift
    Love your Ella Bella....she's a grand old puss........

  11. Tyler is growing up so fast! watching him grow up reminds me how long I have been a voyeur to your blog. Thanks for letting us feel like one of the family.


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