Monday, December 15, 2014

"Errrr-er-er-er-errrrrrrrrrrrr!" crowed Milford, "There's a dog in the pasture...
everyone RUN!!!"

O'Malley: "That's just Annie, Milford...she's not a dog, she's a puppy."

Andy: "A puppy...yes...and a mildly annoying one at that!"

Missy:  "I think she just wants to play.  She's kind of cute... and she never barks at us."

Milford continued running around the goat houses...
sounding the alarm.

Jill stood up from where she had been resting in the pasture.
"I'll take care of this.  Leave that pesky puppy to me," she said.

Annie is approaching one year of age.
She has grown considerably since she first came to the farm.
Now, for the big question....
what combination of breeds is Annie?
We are having a family contest to guess her breeds as part of our Christmas celebration.
Each participant will give $5 with their entry.
Anyone who correctly guesses all of the breeds in her genetic test
(we sent a DNA sample for analysis)
will win the jackpot.
If no one guesses correctly, the prize money will be donated to the shelter from where she came.
what breeds do you think make up our sweet Annie?


  1. I'm thinking a hunting breed...lab, German Shorthaired Pointer, American Foxhound for the majority of her genes. It's always interesting to see what the DNA test reveals. She's a sweetheart, for sure!

  2. Lovely photos ! Oh my has Annie grown loved the video ! Um Annie my be mixed with hound of some sort , Lab and maybe Great Dane ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. I'm thinking Pitbull, Labrador retriever, and some....beagle/foxhound? It will be so interesting to see what the test comes back with!

  4. She's getting taller for sure..Long legs..She could be just about anything..Probably some kind of sporting dog mix...It's a crap shoot for sure...

  5. Is there a breed called "cute". That's my guess! Boy howdy has she grown and you sure see that in the video. Hugs!!

  6. Lab, beagle, springer spaniel. FYI didn't see your post on fb this morning, thought you would like to know.

  7. i am guessing pit bull and boxer. whatever, she sure is cute!

  8. or maybe lab and boxer. i had a second look!

  9. Pit bull, lab and maybe some sheep dog? Not sure. But whatever she is, she is darling!!!!

  10. I'm going with American foxhound and English Pointer. She also looks a lot like a Canadian Pointer, but most dog organizations don't think that is even a breed but you can find photos on the web.

  11. Not sure what but back legs and hind quarters indicate something different than Annie's front side!


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